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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

P&P Read Along Round 4 Linky + Final Questions

Hello Janeites, and welcome to the final round of the Pride and Prejudice Read-Along. Here is the linky to post your responses to the Round 4 questions/discussions. Round 5 questions are below.
[Want to join? Click the button above to be taken to the signup and links to the Discussion Qs so far!]

This linky is for ROUND 4 responses. The linky for Round 5 questions (below) will be posted next Wednesday, giving you the week to respond.

Round 5 Discussion Starters and Questions
Chapter 52- the end

  1. In the first round, we asked for your first impressions (which, if you didn't know, was the original title of the book).  Having completed it, what do you think now?  Were your first impressions justified?  Where you completely wrong on anything, or surprised by any outcomes?
  2. Discuss Lizzie's apprehensions regarding Darcy, and her realization that she has fallen in love with him.  Consider Lydia's slip that Darcy was at the wedding, along with Mrs Gardiner's revelations; Lizzie's thoughts that his actions must reflect his continuing love, coupled with her fears that he would never marry her now that Wickham is part of her family, etc.
  3. Discuss Lady Catherine's visit to Longbourn, and Lizzie's showdown with her.   Also discuss Mr Bennet's reaction to the rumors of Darcy's feelings for Lizzie, and then his reaction when they prove to be more than rumors.
  4. Discuss the way Darcy and Lizzie relate to each other at the end of the book, and Darcy's second (much superior) propsoal.  Also consider sharing your thoughts on what you expect for their future.  
  5. Give us your thoughts of the book on the whole.  If you have read it before and/or read variations and sequels, what keeps you coming back?  If this is your first time reading it, do  you think you will read it again/read more Jane/read any variations or sequels?  If you disliked it, don't be afraid to say so!
  6. Freeform!
And so ends our first Jane in June read-along!  Make sure to stop by next week to link up your responses to the end of the book, and to see what everyone else thought.  (If you didn't participate, feel free to browse everyone's responses and get involved in the discussions!)
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  1. I've pretty much given up on finishing P&P on time for Jane in June. But I will finish it eventually, and that was my goal. Thanks for getting me started :)

  2. I did not find your blog until mid-way through the month, and I am so sorry to have missed this month long event! I will definitely be following along for the next one :)

  3. Always a day late. Off to read your thoughts!


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