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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Misty's Responses to P&P, round 3

Well, I had a video response all recorded for you like I usually do, and my computer ate it.  It was a garbled mess.  And I'm sure I was witty and brilliant.

Anywhoodles, I'm just going to do a written response until I can figure out what's going on with my webcam.
And away we go!

You can find the list of questions here; I'm going to briefly paraphrase them.

1. Lizzie's stay at Hunsford.
This is one of my absolute favorite parts of the book.  I don't think I'm ever able to get through it straight through, because I always go back and read certain parts over again until I've had my fill of LOLs and sighs. (Things I read over: Darcy's visit to the cottage when Lizzie is alone; the piano scene (oh! the piano scene...); the proposal, of course - but more on that later...).  I love it.  I don't know how anyone could not be thoroughly in love with the book by this point.

2 & 3. Darcy's Proposal and Lizzie's refusal.
As I said, I read this scene over and over.  I think it is one of the best things ever written, for so many reasons.  Compare this proposal to Mr Collins proposal.  It's brilliant!  They both are so sure of themselves, and sure that they  could never possibly be turned down, because who would pass up a chance at all that.
It's also brilliant because it's really a powerful statement.  I mean, Jane Austen is often written off as being fluffy chicklit, obsessed with good marriages and status.  Yet here we have a woman who really has no chance in life of making it on her own or being a spinster.  When her father dies, she'll be screwed, and she should be looking to attach her ball to some man's ankle chain. And yet, not only does she turn down Mr Collins, but she is vehemently turning down a proposal from one of the most eligible catches in the country.  Marrying Darcy would mean security for life for her and her entire family.  That's not something to throw away lightly if you're a Regency woman.  And Lizzie basically gives him the finger.

As to whether Lizzie possibly could have been as shocked as she seemed by it all -- well, the girl must have had some serious blinders on.  Charlotte Lucas/Collins has been dropping hints and outright statements of his apparent feelings nearly the whole book.
Anyone else notice that the most pragmatic, least romantic character is the one who's pegging all of the romances and weaknesses?

4. Darcys letter
does not change my opinion of him.  I pretty much always knew there was more to the story, so his explanations don't do much for me.  What I needed from him at this point still hasn't come -- and that's some remorse and as Lizzie called it, some more "gentleman like behavior".  Though it does work quite a change in Lizzie, which is good.

5. Reevaluate opinions of the "eligible" men.
Darcy - said above, still waiting...
Bingley - WTF, Bingley?  I thought you were more constant.  Not. Impressed.
Wickham - Bastard.  But god, you're so charming.
Collins - off the market.  Damn.

6. End of Volume 2.
GAH!  I'm SO GLAD I don't live in Regency-era England, because if I'd, say, only gotten my hands on the first 2 volumes, it would be torture! Everything is ashambles!  Jane, you tormentor, you!

7. Freeform.
Why aren't you reading this book?

Remember, you can join the read along at any time, and give us your thoughts so far.  The questions are prompts, not necessities, so feel free to do your own thing!

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1 comment:

  1. Sounds like we have some similar thoughts on this book. I love how you word it as Lizzy giving Darcy the finger. I could almost picture that in a modern adaptation.

    As for Darcy's letter, it did change my opinion of him, not with regard to Wickham because I knew something was up with him, but with Bingley and Jane. You think Darcy is just all hating on the Bennets but he really does have Bingley's best interests at heart, since he's unsure of Jane's feelings for him.


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