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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pride and Prejudice (and Dr Who)

I owe my knowledge of the existence of this bit of awesome to Laurel Ann Nattress, who posted on it Austenblog a couple of days ago.  There are other mashups of the 2005 P&P and various other works, but as this combines 2 of my obsessions rather splendidly, I give you:

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  1. This is amazing! Since I've been reading P&P this time around all I can think is that Jane Austen must have met the Doctor and he must have taught her about feminism.

  2. That was amazing, though it was very weird to hear that voice coming out of my favorite doctor!
    I agree with Letter4no1, what a fun idea XD

  3. That was awesome! I've just blasted through the first 4 seasons of Doctor in the past 3 weeks and I'm totally obsessed. Adding Austen in the mix just makes it even more awesome!

  4. Awesome!!!! My two favorite things in the world. I have been a Dr Who fan for over 25 years! Austen and the Dr. what a great pairing!!


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