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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TBR Tuesday: Lady Vernon and Her Daughter

Lady Vernon and Her Daughter
Jane Rubino & Caitlen Rubino-Bradway

Lady Vernon and her daughter, Frederica, are left penniless and without a home after the death of Sir Frederick Vernon, Susan’s husband. Frederick’s brother and heir, Charles Vernon, like so many others of his time, has forgotten his promises to look after the women, and despite their fervent hopes to the contrary, does nothing to financially support Lady Vernon and Frederica.

When the ladies, left without another option, bravely arrive at Charles’s home to confront him about his treatment of his family, they are faced with Charles’s indifference, his wife Catherine’s distrustful animosity, and a flood of rumors that threaten to undo them all. Will Lady Vernon and Frederica find love and happiness–and financial security–or will their hopes be dashed with their lost fortune?

I've had this almost since almost as long as its been out, and I've read some very good things  about it.  I also like the idea of a "fresh" story, which seems to be the topic of the last week (see Anna's variations | Y U NO).  I've even scheduled it in to both Jane in June events during the initial planning stages, only to remove it for one reason or another.  So clearly I need a boost with this one, Janeites.  How many of you out there have read this one, and how high priority should it be for me?

What's on your Janeite to-be-read pile?

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  1. I've had this on my shelf forever, too! Just haven't gotten around to actually, you know, READING it. Good luck (and let us know what you think when you finish it)!

  2. I have read this and i put it at the top of my list. Of all the Austen books read this is the one that you say 'It could have been written by Jane Austen'. Even the 'conversion' of Lady Susan to Lady Vernon makes it sound more authentic in style to the Big Six.
    And I love Darcy but it is nice to read something that doesnt have 'Darcy' in the title

  3. I read and loved Lady Susan last year, so this one is definitely on my to-read list!

  4. Having loved the original letter format of Jane Austen's Lady Susan, I was a little skeptical about the updated version in novel form, but I was pleasantly surprised! The authors have done a great job of not only filling in a lot of the blanks but capturing the subtle humoristic style of Jane Austen's wit. Well done!


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