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Monday, August 17, 2015

Austen in August 2015 Main Page!


Hello again, my darling Janeites! And welcome to our 6th annual Jane Austen lovefest! If you're unfamiliar with Austen in August (which, really? After all this time? But for the sake of argument...), then briefly: Austen in August is 2 solid weeks of non-stop Janery -- reviews, interviews, guest posts, giveaways. movie nights twitter parties -- if it's Jane, it's fair game. All are welcome in Austen in August, from the most diehard of Janeites, with their " If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more" tattoos and their invitations to Almack's*, to the most fresh-faced, wide-eyed initiates, who find no significance (as yet) in the term "fine eyes"... (noobs)
*If groups like this really exist, please tell me how to become one of your order...

Below is the schedule of events, updated daily, to help guide you through the next two WoJ (Weeks of Jane). The Austen in August button, seen above, will be at the bottom of each and every post, which you can click to be brought back to this main page, so you can navigate to your next bit of Janedom. Feel free to snag the button below and display it on your sidebars, tumblrs, or your own AIA blog posts.

And speaking of your own posts - a lot of the amazing Jane goodness you're going to see during Austen in August was contributed by other bloggers and authors who are amazing and astounding and awesome, and I'm sure other words beginning with 'A'. In the midst of all this sweet, sweet Janery, you may find yourself regretting that you didn't sign up for a guest post, but it's cool, I've gotcha covered! There is a Participation Linky where you can share any Austen-related posts you decide to share from your own blogs -- wade in and get your feet wet, or dive in head first and share your love of Austen! Or join our read-along of Emma, and the accompanying movie watching parties and/or twitter chats!

Lastly, I will again be posting an "In Case You Missed It" (or ICYMI) link on the schedule every day, directing you to something from the previous five years of Janery that you may have missed out on, or even some awesome Janey things around the internet. There's some good stuff there, folks, that you won't get just by scrolling through, so don't miss out!

Now: let's get down to business!

(It's pretty full, I hope you brought a spare pair of dancing shoes...)

, the 18th
Wednesday, the 19th
Thursday, the 20th
Friday, the 21st 
Saturday, the 22nd 
Sunday, the 23rd 
Monday, the 24th 
Tuesday, the 25th 
Wednesday, the 26th 
Thursday, the 27th 
Friday, the 28th 
Saturday, the 29th 
Sunday, the 30th 
Monday, the 31st

    Want more Jane-browsing while you wait for next year's posts? Check out years OneTwoThree, Four and Five!


    1. Aw, shoot! I'll be entertaining family during the Clueless watch-along! Stupid time zones. :(
      I do need to jump on the K/M/K vlog train, though. Thanks for hosting this epic fortnight of epicness!

    2. Excited for this! Thanks for putting it all together, Misty, and I would love to find a fun group like that, too.

    3. Jane Austen would have never guessed that 200 years after writing her great stories, people all over the world would be having so much fun over them! Thanks so much for the get-together, Misty.

    4. I was so excited by the twitter chat and Clueless, but unfortunately I still have work at that time. I am still happy to read Austen posts though! <3 My rest day comes the day after the event is over, but reading Austen posts always makes me happy.

    5. Congrats on another year of AIA! Love it :-)


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