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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jane in Your Interwebs

Throughout the remaining eleven months of the year that are not August, I'm constantly pinning, bookmarking and saving various Austen things to share with you. Some of them you may have seen; some of them you may have shared with me. But my hope is that some of these things will be new to you, to amuse you while we wile away the long monthsdayshoursminutes until the next Austen in August. I call this;

* Perhaps my favorite (but also most frustrating) piece on Austen to come out in the last year is this recent piece on Buzzfeed, "If Jane Austen Got Feedback from Some Guy in a Writing Workshop". It's. . .painful, but spot-on.
"Mrs. Bennett is annoying, and you don’t have any people of color. Also, there aren’t a lot of men in this book. Only about the same number as there are women. I was thinking that what you could do is have Mrs. Bennett be dying, but give her a black best friend. Like Othello? (Have you read it? It’s also by Shakespeare, fwiw.) The Othello character could be her butler, maybe? There you go: three problems solved. You’re welcome!"
Buzzfeed also shared
* 43 Most Romantic Lines from Literature, of which of course some were from Austen (obvs)
21 of the Wisest Things Austen Ever Said
23 signs your Austen addiction is getting out of hand, as if you didn't know already. . .
* and Things That Austen Characters Can Get Away With, That You Can't.

You're welcome.

Audible shared this music-scape on soundcloud, so you can, you know, put it on in the background and pretend to be Lizzie Bennet, I guess.
BookBub spotlighted some modern interpretations of Austen, if that's your thing.
The HuffPo looked at Austen as a feminist icon, which again, obvs. They also used Austen to give you the life advice you've always wanted.
Hello Giggles / Chloe Campbell
Hello Giggles has a little Jane Austen binge, with this Austen-inspired (but totally wearable) hair tutorial, these five timeless lessons from Austen, and advice on how to host your own Austen Girls Night (yes please!)

* The BBC has a movie about the scandalous Lady Worsley coming out (a contemporary of Austen, whose lifestyle you will not find in her books), so to prepare us and help us understand the world these two women lived in, they've shared 5 facts about life in Austen's era.
And lastly, I may have shared this before, I really don't know, but the youtube channel Milday Macy shared this video, Shit Stuff Austen Says. Enjoy!

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  1. It says something about my Austen addiction that I'm familiar with most of these. Shit Austen says was a new one on me and I loved it.


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