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Friday, August 14, 2015

POP QUIZ! [I need to pick your brain on a few quick things, plskthnx!]

WEIGH IN on the movie watch-along in the comments! Just tell me either: BBC's EMMA or CLUELESS!

Download a copy of EMMA to read along here:
mobi (kindle): http://amzn.to/1Kkyh12
epub & html: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/158
audiobook: https://librivox.org/emma-by-jane-austen-solo/

To find out more about AUSTEN IN AUGUST:

To participate in the roundtable review:
(brief, snappy, playful answers are best!)


First Prize Winners
Each of these winners will receive an autographed copy of The Sword and Its Servant by Victor Salinas.
Levi V., United States
Landon B., United States
Erika D., United States
Andrea M., United Kingdom
Travis B., Australia

Grand Prize Winner
The following winner will receive a Kindle Fire HD 7″ and an autographed copy of The Sword and Its Servant by Victor Salinas.
Tansey L., Australia

As announced here: http://www.grauwelt.com/winners-of-the-july-kindle-fire-hd-giveaway/


  1. Well, though I enjoyed the BBC version it's not my favourite. I prefer the one with Kate Beckinsale for two reasons. Firstly, the excruciating moments have been toned down and I think they should be there, but also I just love Mark Strong as Mr Knightley, he is just exactly how I imagined Mr Knightley to be right down to the gorgeous voice. Jonny Lee Miller is very likeable but he doesn't quite have the gravitas and presence that I think Mr Knightley would have. So on that basis I will go Clueless. I haven't got round to buying Clueless yet, and this will give me an excuse too :)

    1. I have yet to see the Beckinsale version in full! I really need to track it down. =)
      And you know, I have never been a big Jonny Lee Miller fan. EVER. I don't know if I was holding Edmund Bertram against him for a decade, or what, but he just never did it for me, and I was so disappointed to see him cast as Knightley -- but he eventually won me over, and I don't think I find him quite so off-putting as a result. lol!

  2. Well, I prefer Gwyneth Paltrow version of Emma, so I'll go with Clueless.

    1. I do love that version (as a personal connection, which I'll talk about during AIA), but it's not on Netflix, Prime or Hulu, so I had to rule it out. I can't really have a watch-along without giving a fairly easily accessible way for people to watch along. Had to rule out the Beckinsale version for the same reason.

  3. I LOVE the BBC Emma but it is super long. SUPER long. And I miss seeing Paul Rudd's dimples, so I'm gonna vote Clueless. :D

  4. I don't have a preference about the movie night choice. I like them both for different reasons. But as to do-able length? Yeah, that's Clueless. :)

    1. Yeah, I think BBC would have to be split over 2 nights.

  5. I believe I own them all. I may have some on VHS which if I do I need to find the DVD versions. I love all the Emma but my least favorite which will probably get me a lot of hate is Paltrows version. I like it just not as much as the others.


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