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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"They Couldn't Have Done it Without Us!" -- guest post & giveaway from Sophia Rose!

Please give a hearty Janeite welcome to Sophia Rose today! Sophia's been a long-time commenter & discusser of all things Austen here during AIA (and year-round, really!), but today she's joining the fray to not only tell us a bit about her favorite minor characters in Austen (something I, myself, will be touching on later this week), but to offer up a chance to win the anthology Sun-Kissed: Effusions of Summer, in which her own retelling can be found! 
Check out the list below, add yours in the comments, and make sure to enter to win!

They Couldn’t Have Done It Without Us: 
 Austen’s Minor Characters Making Their Bid for Favorite Status

We all have our personal favorites among Jane Austen’s heroines and most of us claim a BBF or two or three amongst the heroes, but today isn’t about them.

Nope, today is all about the equally intriguing, amusing, interesting, witty, and some times pivotal players that hold the minor roles in the novels.

Do you have some favorites amongst that cast? I sure do and I’m sharing a few and why. I’m going backward to reach my number one favorite because…well because that’s how I’m rolling today.

5. Sir John Middleton from Sense & Sensibility
Distant cousin to Mrs. Dashwood and her girls.
Why? He’s their knight in shining armor by providing them a home. And not just any home, but one far away from Fanny Dashwood. He’s the congenial neighbor who surrounds himself with an interesting set of acquaintances even out in the country where there is purportedly not a large variation to be found (Exhibits A and B I give you his mother in law, Mrs. Jennings, and his neighbor’s nephew, Mr. Willoughby).

4. Miss Isabella Thorpe from Northanger Abbey
Dubious friend to Catherine and ex-fiancée to Catherine’s brother.
Why? Oh man, she is an appalling BFF and she’s a total golddigger, but she cracks me up. She is so unapologetic and unblushing over her lies, exaggerations, and actions.

3. Mr. William Price, RN Midshipman from Mansfield Park
Brother to Fanny Price and relation to the Bertrams.
Why? He’s a Navy man, of course *blink at your surprise that the reason isn’t enough* and he’s a good brother to his quiet sister. He is good humored, socially ept, and a gentleman. Personally, I think he outshines the hero and even the bad boy in the few scenes he enters.

4. Miss Bates from Emma
Poor neighbor to the hero and heroine.
Why? Another amusing, delightful creature who can talk the hind leg off a mule, but there’s no harm in her. She is the litmus test for the heroine throughout the story in that the heroine’s feelings, words, and actions toward her are an example of where the heroine is at in her personal growth journey. Okay, and she is just hilarious the way she goes on and on driving Emma wild.

5. Colonel Fitzwilliam from Pride & Prejudice
Cousin to the hero.
Why? Now this is where my imagination runs wild since he’s really not in that many scenes. Personally, I love it when JAFF and Austenesque writers give him larger roles and even the hero of his own romances.
But that aside… First of all, he is dutiful toward family (seriously, dancing attendance on Darcy and Lady Catherine should count toward a medal or something). He is witty and has a strong sense of humor matching Lizzy and finding Darcy’s bumbling romance a source of amusement. He is kind and gentlemanly. And lastly, he is dashing and turns my head more so than half the heroes.

Did any of your favorite minor characters make my list? What is your list of Top Five Minor Characters?

Sophia has offered up one (1) e-copy of Sun-Kissed: Effusions of Summer anthology, which includes Sophia's story, Second Chance at Sunset Beach, to one lucky winner.
Int’l entries welcome. Book will be gifted through Amazon.
Ends September 5th at 11:59pm EST
Fill out the Rafflecopter to enter.
Good luck!

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Sophia is a quiet though curious gal who dabbles in cooking, book reviewing, and gardening. Encouraged and supported by an incredible man and loving family. A Northern Californian transplant to the Great Lakes Region of the US. Lover of Jane Austen, Baseball, Cats, Scooby Doo, and Chocolate. Writing has been a compelling need since childhood. Being published is a dream come true.
Sophia’s social links (aka Where I hang out on-line):
Delighted Reader blog (assoc reviewer): www.delightedreader.com
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/sophia.rose.7587
GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13418187/Sophia_Rose
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sophiarose1816

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  1. How about Mr and Mrs Gardiner? Without their invitation to tour northern England with them, Elizabeth Bennet wouldn't have been to Pemberley and met up with Darcy, Georgiana and Bingley.

    1. Oh yes, they were definitely pivotal for that great romance. Good ones, Sylvia!

  2. Yes! I love it (and so true, those are minor characters who add to the story as well as the atmosphere). In cases like Colonel Fitzwilliam and William Price, they also serve as a good reminder to us readers of how a gentleman is supposed to behave; a sort of check and balance for the current males in the book. I would love to read a William Price story, and a Colonel Fitzwilliam one- they deserve dashing adventures and worthy women as well!

    1. Here! Here! That they add atmosphere is another nuance to ponder and that they are the 'check and balance' for other males in their stories is an excellent point, Beth.

      I vote for a William Price story, too. I have read some good Col. Fitz stories and have a few more on the pile so others definitely see him as a heroic sort.

  3. I'm so glad you mentioned Sir John Middleton. I really have a soft spot for him! I think that's one of Austen's distinctive marks, she has such fantastic supporting characters, they have a life of their own apart from their walk-on roles.

    1. I definitely agree, Maria. They are most definitely not part of the scenery. Sir John was a favorite of mine since a young girl.

  4. The Crofts! Jane Bennet! And John Knightley!

    1. Yes! Poor John Knightley is a character in his own right that's often overlooked. Good choice!

    2. Good ones, Kirk! I actually had John Knightley slip the mind, but I can't believe I did. He had some good scenes particularly when he tried to tell Emma about Mr. Elton.

  5. I agree about Miss Bates. She steals the limelight. Love how she rabbits on.

  6. Sophia, first I'd like to say, I really like the title of your post - you're right, they couldn't have! You've chosen some of our favorites too, especially the Middletons. But we also like Charlotte Lucas; I love the conversation she has with Lizzy about happiness in marriage. The truth is, none of the movies do that justice in my opinion. When you read from the book, you can really comprehend that what she says has some merit to it. But she's still an interesting character in all the movie versions.

    1. Most definitely, Charlotte is a key player, Noe. I agree about her role being reduced in the movies, but yet she still gets to say some of her telling statements. Lizzy sure does realize the merit in her friend's words with the benefit of hindsight- Wickham, Darcy, marriage...Charlotte nailed it. If you haven't read it, Jennifer Becton's story about Charlotte is a nice sequel to give her her own story.

      And thanks for the compliment on the title. I tried to think of something to grab attention, but also be applicable to the post..

  7. I have to say my favorite minor character is the colonel and my second favorite is Captain Benwick and the Crofts.

  8. I have to say my favorite minor character is the colonel and my second favorite is Captain Benwick and the Crofts.


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