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Monday, August 24, 2015

Emma Read Along, Volume 2 Discussion Questions

Alrighty, it's time to take a look at Volume II of Emma for this year's read along, and pretty much the entirety of vol 2 is a study in character: new characters are introduced, new facets of familiar characters are explored; crushes are developed and feelings probed. Thus, all of my questions, for the most part, focus on character and interactions. Feel free to expand your own discussions beyond this, if you wish.
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If you missed it, you can find the questions for vol I here.

Discussion prompts for Volume II:
  1. Finally, Frank. Highbury meets the much awaited Frank Churchill in this volume. What do you make of him? Of people's reaction to him? Of his excuses and tendency to flit about? Of his interactions with Emma? Do you like/trust Frank, and/or see him as a good match for Emma?
  2. Finally, Fairfax? We also meet Jane Fairfax in this volume, so same questions for her: what do you think of Jane, her history, her persona, and her relationship with Emma?
  3. Finally, a real nemesis for Emma: Mrs Elton comes to Highbury and shakes everything up for Emma, and in her, we have someone who is perhaps even more officious and busy-bodying than Emma! Give us your impressions of Mrs. Elton, her forwardness and familiarity, her contentious relationship with Emma, and her intention to make Jane Fairfax her project.
  4. Emma, redirected: Emma has had her plans for Harriet upended, and new people have entered the scene to split her focus; what do you make of Emma in Volume II? Is she growing? Are you surprised by any aspects of her character, do you find her mean-spirited where Jane Fairfax or Mrs. Elton are concerned, etc?
  5. Knightley (because we can't forget Knightley): What are your thoughts on Knightley's words and behavior throughout Volume II? His interactions with Emma? Consider especially his conversation with Emma and Mrs. Weston about any supposed inclination for Jane Fairfax. If this is your first time reading Emma (or if you can think back to your first read impressions), do you feel like there may be some truth in what Mrs. Weston says about him "protesting too much," essentially? 
  6. Final thoughts: Any incidences, scenes, or bits of writing you want to discuss? Any parts that confused you, or questions for other readers?

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