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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I have been wanting to play KISS, MARRY, KILL with you guys for AGES - and #AustenInAugust seemed like the perfect time to do so!
It''s pretty self explanatory, and ridiculously fun, so if you want to do your own Austen KMK, either in vlog or blog form, I would love you forever and come argue with your choices. FUN TIMES FOR ALL! ;)

For more Jane-related videos, check out the full playlist! And if you do your own Austen KMK, please leave me a link in the comments, and/or share it on the linky!

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  1. FLAMESSSSZZzZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hahaha! 's ok, more Henry Crawford for me! ;)

  2. Kiss Marry Kill is always fun, but doubly so when it's Austen guys! :D Totally support you in your choice of killing Thorpe, kissing Wentworth and marrying Tilney...because Tilney is awesome. And Wentworth, swoon-worthy letter aside, is pretty cruel to Anne at times.

    No love for Edward Ferrars? :'( Actually, in that scenario I'd probably kill him too, because he was up against Sidney and Darcy, and, well, I can't kill either of THEM. But personally I think I might kiss Darcy and marry Sidney — at least, the Sidney in the version of Sanditon that was finished by Marie Dobbs (have you read it?). He's very charismatic and confident and charming (and yes, a bit high-handed with how he tries to orchestrate everyone else's lives, but hey, no one's perfect), and I think maybe Darcy would be a tad too reserved for my taste.

    And I think I'd kill Admiral Croft because he's getting on in age anyway, so who knows how much longer he'd live? Then I'd kiss Charles Musgrove (I was never the biggest fan of his, though the poor guy did not deserve Mary Musgrove) and marry William Price, since he's a devoted brother and thus would probably be a devoted husband.

    And you can have Henry Crawford all to yourself — I'll take Colonel Brandon :P

    1. I hate to admit that I did think about killing off Croft because he's old and closer to death, anyway... lol! But he's just such a good man. They all are, this was definitely the hardest decision of the pack. I ended up going with William (which PAINED me) purely because we know the least about him, so it felt like the least of a betrayal.

      And YESSSSS, Dobbs' handling of Sidney Parker is a big part of why he's able to give Darcy a run for his money, and I very nearly did pick him. I think I'd likely get along with him better, BUT I couldn't pick him simply because he may or may not be as Austen intended, so it felt like cheating, I guess. But yes. All my hearts to Sidney Parker.

  3. That was brilliant! Loved that idea. ;) I agree with most of your choices, some decision were definitely easy to make.

  4. TEAM TILNEY! Thanks for making me crack up on this very no-good day. You rock! I want to do my own, but some of those names I straight-up didn't recognize. I am so ashamed! :(

  5. I've never played this- I know... I live under a rock. Tough one with William Price, love him too. I might have picked differently a few times, but I wasn't utterly appalled either. Fun, Thanks Misty!

  6. Love it. In a hotel room with little Jane!

    I would kill Collins too.


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