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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Save the Date: Watch-along Twitter Chat!

I've mentioned this a few times in a few places, but without too much detail (partly because I wasn't quite sure on the detail yet, and partly...because I forgot. *sheepish grin*), but we'll be having not one but two Twitter chats this AIA! The second, of course, will be our #WednesdayYA meeting for Mr Darcy Broke My Heart next Wednesday at 8:30 EST, but the first will be the one I'm most looking forward to: the movie watch-along chat, which was such a blast last year that I had a REALLY HARD TIME deciding which movie we should go for this year — I wanted to watch them all! So did all of you, apparently, because I listed 3 titles to choose from on Twitter, and they got equal votes . . . But in the end, I decided to go with something that I think could be really interesting, which is . . .

a DOUBLE movie night of S&S!
Yeah, basically, I think back to back viewings of the '95 and '08 versions of Sense and Sensibility (each of which have their highlights and their drawbacks) would make for really good watching and really good discussion. So we'll just claim this weekend in the name of S&S!

Saturday, the 23rd at 9:00 pm EST we'll watch the 1995 version, ya know, the Oscar-winning Emma Thompson verzh that everyone adores, and then on
Sunday, the 24th at 8:00 pm EST (because it's longer) we'll see if the 2008 Andrew Davies' penned adaptation can give Emma a run for her money. (Yes. Yes it can. These may be Big Words, but... 2008 wins hands down. Disagree? Come fight me on it this weekend!)

If you'd like to take part, just show up at that time, watch along in whatever way you're able, and tweet your thoughts, comments and discussions with the hashtag #AustenInAugust!
I'm sure many of you have copies of these excellent adaptations, but for those who will be watching online:
1995 version can be found:
* in Netflix Instant Streaming (free month trial here if you don't have it)
* or you can buy it on Amazon Instant

2008 version can't be found:
* on Hulu (which again, free 2 week trial here, so you could have for the length of AIA — and may I just say, there are a lot of Austen-y things and costume dramas on Hulu right now, including Lost in Austen is on Hulu now, and I was so tempted to make that our pick...)

I'm sorry I don't have more choices for you, but I'm sure that those of you who don't have access to Netflix/Twitter can find most if not all of both versions on Youtube, or other, less reputable sites... Not that I'd encourage such a thing. ;)

And I know it's impossible to find a time that works for everyone, so if you're unable to make it but still want to weigh in, definitely let me know your thoughts here in the comments, or on Twitter with the hashtag #AustenInAugust!

Now, to whet your appetite, here's a look at what's coming this weekend...



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1 comment:

  1. Also- libraries would be a good source. I SO want to join, but it's my birthday weekend and everyone else has already claimed a chunk of my time this weekend. :(


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