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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jane In Your Interwebs, 2014 | Part One

All year long, I'm constantly bookmarking all the little Jane Austen bits (and fairy tale bits) that come my way. Anyone who uses my internet browser is bound to think there's something a little strange about me, because it's just one long, endless list of bookmarks, going on and on as far as the eye can see and the finger can scroll...
And it's all so I can do this: It's Jane In Your Interwebs time!!

* Buzzfeed shared "the only summary of Pride and Prejudice you need to read," made my a tumblr user whose hand I want to shake, 'cause this is my everything.

* Buzzfeed also asked us to find out who our Austen soulmate is through a series of weird, half hilarious / half predictable questions. Turns out, I'm a Mrs. Knightley. (Who knew?)

Gone Reading has a set of Jane Austen playing cards for sale, so you can more thoroughly immerse yourself in Janedom as you (attempt to) play a game of whist.

Book Riot rounds up some of the books they think you should be reading if you're craving something beyond Pride & Prejudice, and their picks run the gamut, so even though there aren't many, there's a little something for everybody. (I think we've got them beat on that front, though. ;P)

* And lastly, proving there's no accounting for taste, flavorwire took a look at some of Austen's famous detractors. We've confronted the problem of Twain and Bronte before, but here's a whole new list of people to shake our heads at. Poor dears, just don't get it.
 “The chief reason why she does not appeal to us as some inferior writers do is that she has too little of the rebel in her composition, too little discontent, and of the vision with is the cause and the reward of discontent.

Have YOU come across anything share worthy on the Austen-internet? Let me know in the comments and it might make it into part 2 of this year's Interwebs!

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  1. Well, these aren't new (as they've been on my Christmas wish list for YEARS), but I stumbled across a tarot deck based on the works of Jane Austen (http://www.llewellyn.com/encyclopedia/article/24387). Exploring archetypes through Austen! Gotta love it.

  2. I collect this sort of stuff on my Pinterest boards. I got those playing cards for my sister in law who is my sister Janeite too.


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