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Monday, August 18, 2014

Share YOUR Inner Janeite! | #AustenInAugust 2014 Participation Linky

Hey there, you sexy Janeite, you!
So, you missed the carriage when it came to being featured in Austen in August, but you've been checking out all these sweet, sweet Janeite posts, and now you want to join in on the fun? Well, for a flirty wink and a smile, I might just be persuaded to let you...
Or, you know, you can just add your link below.

[No, for real, though. If you have a blog post, vlog, tumblr thing of awesomeness or whatever that you'd like to share for Austen in August, add it to the linky below so everyone can come check it out. Feel free to add whatever you'd like, so long as it's recent and Jane-y. Flirty winks and smiles not necessary (though appreciated).]

Please note: If you are participating in the Northanger Abbey read along, there will be a separate linky for discussion responses, located w/i the actual read along. For the Mr Darcy Broke My Heart read along, all you need to do is show up to the twitter discussion, or share your thoughts in a blog post to share on the last Wednesday in August.

Suggested format for linking: Title of Post @ Blog Name.
ie: Why Edmund Bertram is the Swoonworthiest* @ EveryoneElseIsAHater.com

*But really - good luck with that one.

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