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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Jane in Your Interwebs, part 2 + Items for the Discerning Janeite

For our last Austen in your Interwebs segment of this year, I'm going to share some of the other Austen goodies I have stockpiled in my bookmarks bar, PLUS some awesome actual physical things that you can actually physically hold to complete your Jane Austen collection. (Or at least, you know, grow it some more...)
So click through for awesome!

So, say you've always wanted to learn how to do all that fancy dancin' you see going on in Austen films. Well... RegencyDances.org has got you covered! In the most adorably low-budget 8-bit thing you've ever seen, they teach you how to do all that crossing and turning and holding-of-fingertips, via little bitty placards that bop along to the music.
Trust me, it's somehow mesmorizing.

A little food for thought: Lapham's Quarterly had an article on something that I find fascinating and had never really considered (but is sorta totally true), called Austen's Trivial Pursuits. It takes a look at how most of the humor and subversion of Austen's writings is removed in film adaptations.

If you want to hate the world a little bit, you can check out this BuzzFeed article which compares Kim Kardashian to an Austen heroine.
Don't worry, I think it's meant to be ironic. Maybe? Please be ironic, or I think I might cry...


If the Jane Austen Playing Cards from last week's Interwebs post weren't enough for you, never fear! I've rounded up a bunch of Items for the Discerning Janeite to make your Jane-obsession complete! I'll have you fitted out and ready to kick ass and take names on your dance card in no time!

And speaking of dance cards... the beauts featured in this picture of my collection were a gift from The Introverted Reader a few years ago, and I love them. If you can find these (they were on CafePress at the time), you might want to pick some up.
Also featured: a tote from OOP clothing (more on them below; thanks to my bestie, Evie, for this one!), a bangle from Accessoreads & a scarf (I'm not sure who the maker is on this, but there are plenty out there), both from the awesome Ksenia. There are a few more awesome bits in there, too, but more on this in a bit...
I also have a couple of other odd things kicking around here somewhere, like necklaces, magnets, pins and the like. And of course, the book collection... (and the shirt I'm about to tell you about!)

So, to be fully decked out in Jane, you might need a few things...
For starters, some clothing, like this P&P / COD mash-up (left) from Woot, which I totally bought. =D
There are other shirts, too, from OutOfPrint Clothing (right), which has the added bonus of makeing you feel good as you look good — they donate a book to a community in need for every purchase!

Your own little Pug (or other pet, but you should really have a pug) needs to look good to, so you might need this tag. (No Pug OR pet of any kind? Well, I guess it could double as a keychain...)

I'm pretty sure it's been established that I need a Janeite purse; pretty sure you do, too.

If you're fortunate enough to have some Janeite friends (or if your friends and family have resigned themselves to your obsession), you might just want to go all-out and have an Austen party. And when you get together, you can play the Jane Austen Trivia game!

If you're having people visiting, though, you'll need some wall art, like this poster from Etsy user ChattyNora

And every Janeite needs a Jane Austen action figure, right? You can get the reissued Jane (this time in pink!) from Archie McPhee (or many other sellers who stock it, like Gone Reading); I have two, pink & the former green-clad Jane! (You probably already know that.)  I also have the Jane Austen tattoos, which you can see in my collection above, but they carry a Jane-y toothpaste, car freshener and bandaids as well. Pretty much, there's no excuse to not have every aspect of your life completely Jane-ified... ;)

So to that end, lastly you might need one of these hand-painted beauties* which you can enter to win tomorrow in the last giveaway of AIA!

*she says in a non-bragging way. I just like them, okay!

So there you have it! Some Janetastic items to flash your affiliation to the world, and tide you over until next summer's Janefest! Of course there are roughly a billion and one Janeite things out there for you to stock your homes with, especially from Etsy and CafePress. I've shared some of my favorites; make sure to tell me some of YOURS in the comments!

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  1. I am a Gone Reading and Etsy freak for Austen stuff. I keep the budget under control by saving my wishlist on my Pinterest board. I went through your pile and only had one or two items to send along to the wish list to look up later.

    Nice haul, there!

  2. I <3 the watercolor!!! I can't quite see using that clutch as an actual clutch but think it would be cute as a little jewelry holder - hmmm...my bday IS just around the corner... :)

  3. Gone Reading has the Jane Austen tattoos as well. All of things! I want them all! Thank you for basically creating my Christmas wishlist this year. :D


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