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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Living Austentatiously: a video diary from Cecilia Gray!

One last post from the fabulous Cecilia Gray, now that she's figured out the secret to being a fake Austen fan... ;)

Living Austentatiously

I have bad news. There's no easy way to say it. I'm just going to rip off the band-aid quickly. Ready? You're not ready. Who can ever be ready to hear something like this? I sure as hell wasn't ready. But we need to hear it. So here goes…

Short of shelling out mad cash for an immersive Austen experience, we will never be a Jane Austen heroine railing against the injustices of the time until we fall in love with a suitable and preferably rich gentleman. We don't live in the 1800's, Darcy isn't real, and we can own all the property we want.

Which sucks.

Ugh, sorry! I hate being that naysaying party-pooper. It brings me no pleasure, believe me. No, it's okay, go get some Kleenex. Take your time.

Now that the bad news is out of the way, let's get to some good news. We do have way better medical care, exciting and exotic food options, and streaming television…which, come on, even for book fans, you have to admit is to die for. But that doesn't mean we can't have a dose of Austen in our daily life, maybe with a modern twist.

Join me on my Austen-inspired day as I go from morning to night doing nothing except what Austen tells me to.

Cecilia Gray is the author of Kirkus starred series The Jane Austen Academy which reimagines all of Jane's heroines as modern teens attending the same California boarding school. Good for Austen and non-Austen fans alike! Check out the title and view the series trailer on her website.

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  1. As it turns out, Austen life is good life (especially on 500 pounds a year.....but not in 2014). I wonder how she'd handle the modern concept of women earning money through a vocation, and what advice she'd give then. Hrmm....
    Thanks for this delightful little vid!

  2. omg 500 pounds a year's modern equivalent in San Francisco would see me with 20 roommates, I swear...the housing here...nightmare....

  3. That was great, Cecilia. I haven't walked in the surf for several years and now I want to. ;) Jane would love all the sights there.

    1. Jane in hip hop dance class....definitely a sight I'd love to see!

  4. What a sweet video, Cecilia! It looked like a really fun day to live in Jane's world. The walk on the beach alone made me happy (said the landlocked Midwestern girl...).

    1. I live right by the ocean and still never get enough of it. Even when it's cold. And it's cold A LOT.


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