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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Movie & Twitter Chat Update: BIG CHANGE

Alrighty, friends, it appears that Charter internet is having trouble across the country, and my internet was down most of last night and has been spotty today. I was going to move the first film to today and the second to this coming weekend, but I'm afraid I'll have issues again, so instead I'm going to shelve the dueling S&Ss until next year (very sorry to anyone who was looking forward to that), and INSTEAD we'll doing a shorter movie this Saturday, August 30th, and FINGERS CROSSED everything will be fixed by then.

So this Saturday, if you're still inclined to join me, we'll be watching MISS AUSTEN REGRETS.
This is a shorter film (only 1h25m) that focuses on Austen's later life, and it is available to watch streaming on Hulu.  (I'm embedding it below for your convenience, though I don't know if it will let you watch the entire thing from here.)

The live viewing / twitter chat will begin at 9:00pm Saturday night, and I hope you can join me. Sincerely sorry for the last minute shuffle, but hope to talk to you Saturday! =D

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  1. Sorry to hear you've had trouble with connectivity and are having to shelve what you intended until next year. I might join-in for the shorter film, so I have a quick question - 9pm in what time zone?

    1. Sorry! I was very specific in the original post, musta missed it in this one. 9pm Eastern on Saturday. =)


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