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Friday, August 29, 2014

Review-ish Thing: Mr Darcy Broke My Heart by Beth Pattillo

Last night was our #WednesdayYA chat of Mr Darcy Broke My Heart, and rather than doing a straight-forward review of the book (which would probably be pretty similar to my review of Jane Austen Ruined My Life, honestly...), I thought I'd share some of the thoughts expressed during the chat last night. We all seemed to be on the same page with this one, which was basically "I liked it, but..."
And frankly, sometimes we were hilarious.
Click through to see what we loved — and what drove us nuts — and to share your thoughts on the book if you missed the chat!

On our first impressions: 

On the "Formidables," who readers will recognize from Jane Austen Ruined My Life. This group is the only unifying element between the two books, as they are companions and sequential.

On the "lost original manuscript" of First Impressions (Pride & Prejudice), which is at the heart of this book, and which we all wanted to see more of:

On the characters...

and their relationships...

And on the resolution of the story, which we mostly liked (though again, we wanted to be a little more developed, and a little less abrupt):

SO IN CONCLUSION, we liked this book, but we definitely had some issues with it. Those issues were mostly outweighed by the quick pace and enjoyable feel of the book...
...which probably wouldn't keep Liz & Julie from reading Jane Austen Ruined My Life. Probably. 

If you've read Mr Darcy Broke My Heart, please let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

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  1. I read it so long ago that its hard for me to remember specifics. My overall was feeling a tad underwhelmed, but still enjoying it. I enjoyed the first book in the series better. Writing Jane Austen, A Weekend With Mr. Darcy, and Me & Mr. Darcy were similar stories that I found enjoyable in case you ladies are interested..

    1. I really liked A Weekend with Mr Darcy! That one was a lot of fun, and I was actually thinking the plot lately and trying to remember which book it was, 'cause I think I want to reread it next time I'm in the mood for something light. =D


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