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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Dress Like a Janeite: a curation of Austenesque things!

So, as I was putting together this year's AIA News-Herald's this year, in which I shared Austenesque bits that you might want to add to your own collection, I kept coming across the most amazing bits of Jane Austen wearables. And while I shared a few of them here and there (and the most amazing Austen homeware! and games! and paper dolls, omg!), I realized that there was just too much to share in little snippets — we really needed a full on Jane Austen wardrobe!

So, below I present you a collection of lots and lots of Jane Austen clothing bits (mostly shirts. The shirts are just so good and I need them all!) that are available on Amazon. Of course, there are many, many places online to get Austen bits, but I could only go down so many rabbit holes, ya know?

Let me know your faves in the comments, and just know that the next year, when you see me for AIA, if the world is a kind place, I will be rocking a Straight Outta Pemberley shirt...

Also, before I get into it, I was emailed a few days ago by a new startup that is making literary themed stuffs that you guys might like, including Austenesque things, and they wanted to offer you all a discount!
At https://literarybookgifts.com you can use the code THEBOOKRAT20 which is good for 20% off anything in the store, no minimum, and does not expire. This isn't an affiliate thing, I have no incentive to share this, other than: Jane Austen Stuff, os obvs.
So now you know. =D



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  1. HA! I love the pale pink one with "unrealistic expectations" and the gentlemen of Jane. The word cloud is pretty sweet too.

  2. Jane Austen is my Patronus is a must have. :) Love the socks and scarves, too.

  3. My favorites are the pink top and the yellow scarf. I have an Emma T-shirt a friend gave me.

  4. World's leading P&P expert lol. I kinda want what’s printed on that onesie in a woman’s size ...


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