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Monday, August 6, 2018

The AIA News-Herald, vol 1 iss 2

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AIA News Herald rainbow

Welcome back, lovely Janeites! I hope you had a relaxing weekend of good food and perfect Netflix binges. But now it's time to crack into week two of Austen in August! And let's start the week with your morning paper, shall we? It's all the Austen news that's fit to print!

this week
Things are hoppin'! Featured posts this week include:
Feed Your Reader banner AIA

In need of some Austenesque reads to get you in the mood for AIA? Here are some personal faves and current bargains to feed your reader -- and fill that Jane Austen shaped hole in your heart -- with! Some of these are even free!




Also, I couldn't not include this, which I found just too hilarious. Heroic, indeed...

Not enough Janery going on for you in this first week of AIA? Don’t worry, we’ve got 8 previous years to plunder for awesome Austen posts, In Case You Missed It! Take a stroll through and discover (or rediscover!) things like:
* a selection on newsy bits and bits and bobs for the truly discerning Janeite *

I only have one new thing I've run across this week, so before we get into our bits and bobs, I present this for the lulz:

And if you're looking to stock your home and life with more and more and more Jane, well... consider this "boxed set week," because I found one and then fell down the rabbit hole... (Even though I already have a very lovely boxed set!)


Next week, expect to see a number of giveaways (srsly!), part 2 of Maria Grace's A Proper Introduction to Dragons excerpt series, a potentially... controversial chat on a generally-beloved character, an Austenesque Watch Along (paired with another delicious Regency recipe from Beth!), and more!


What would you like to see in Austen in August? 
A review of a particular book? A specific giveaway item? A certain person interviewed? Let me know in the comments!

Jane Austen, Austen in August, blog event
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  1. The newsletter does its job and hypes up my excitement for the week of AIA. :)

    1. Yay! I figured it's a way to get a lot of smaller posts combined into one, too, without (hopefully) being overwhelming -- things like Feed Your Reader and Jane in Your Interwebs, etc., that I've done in the past. Now they can just be small segments, parceled out. =)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


  3. I think it would be fun to have a plot bunny cast and you start with an opening line and readers contribute with a line or two or three to forward the story. And then see where you end by the end of AIA. (maybe trybthis next AIA)


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