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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Very Austen Instagram Challenge!

I’ve dabbled with a good ole’ instagram challenge before (and even succeeded at it, a time or two), but though I’ve always intended to, I’ve never mustered up the go-gettiveness to put together a daily insta challenge to coordinate with Austen in August.
Fortunately for me, Faith Hope Cherrytea  has got it covered! This instagram challenge was originally created last year to go along with a certain similarly-named Austen fest hosted by Roof Beam Reader, and this year, it is making its way over to us!

To participate, use the prompts below to post daily Austen-inspired pics & mini-chats (if you want) on instagram. Make sure to use the hashtag #AustenInAugust so other AIA readers can discover and interact with your posts!

Though I make no promises to succeed at posting daily for this particular challenge (I mean… I am a literal crazy person during Austen in August, so I make no promises about anything, ever), I will certainly do my best. But I WILL be keeping an eye on the hashtag, and let's just say, I have a little something cooked up as a special, unlisted giveaway, which will be randomly selected from those who post!


1 – Ready Set Go – 1st JA book you’re reading
2 – Resources – TBR stack for #JAusteninAugust
3- Travelin’ Band – fav JA roadtrippin’ reads
4- Silver Screen – any 5* JA movie recs?
5- 2nd Time Around – 2nd hand JA book find
6- Faith & Family – your fav JA quote
7- #BookmarkMonday – show your JA bookmarks
8- Tops – your top pick[s] of JA books
9- Party Time! – Anne Elliot’s 231st Birthday!
10- JA Geometry – worst JA love triangle[s]
11- Shopaholic – Best ever bookstore JA find
12- What’s New?- new JA  library find
13- Let’s Get Poetical – JA book spine poetry
14- On Deck – JA you’re reading right now
15- Day Out – show us your JA outdoors
16- Wordless Wednesday – JA book illustrations
17- Get Serious – nonfiction Jane
18- Showtime – show off your JA bookshelves
19- Most Wanted – your ‘must have’ JA novel
20- For Openers – fav JA chapter opening line[s]
21- Surround Sound – JA audio book lovers
22- Comfort Zone – your fav JA reading spot
23- Waiting on Wednesday – JA you’re anticipating
24- Unfinished Business – JA/variations you dnf
25- Up to Now – #JAusteninAugust read so far…
26- Villainous – least liked JA character[s]
27- Favouritism – most liked JA character[s]
28- Memorabilia – JA items / memorabilia
29- News – what’s new in the world of JA ?
30- Last Word – have your say #AustenInAugust
31- That’s a Wrap – your #AustenInAugust completions

I can’t wait to see what you share during AIA! Bonus points if Jane is actually in the picture. ;)
See you on insta, Janeites!

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  1. Haha! Same here. I mean well with the Instagram bookish challenges, but fall off the wagon at some point and sometimes get back on. I'm in for as much as I can though next week is camping and away from wifi so will have to miss or catch up those ones. It should be fun.

  2. Oh dear I failed. Late to this insta party. I’ll try to catch up and do a few just to be a joiner, hahah.

  3. Well said, Misty !

    Thanks for inviting and posting the info - Well Done ;)


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