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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

GIVEAWAY: Book of Choice from Melanie Rachel!

To go along with today's guest post in which she discussed canon, 'fanon,' and her upcoming book, Drawing Mr Darcy, author Melanie Rachel is offering up a very special giveaway for one Austen in August reader!
Click through to find out more and enter to win!

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Melanie has offered up a giveaway of winner's choice of one of Courage Rises, Courage Requires, and her upcoming book, Drawing Mr Darcy!
This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL.
US winner will have choice of paperback or ebook; if the winner is international, the prize is ebook only.
Fill out the Rafflecopter to enter.
Anyone caught trying to “game” the system will have their entries invalidated, and will be barred from future giveaways. Void where prohibited.
PLEASE do not leave sensitive information, home addresses, or email addresses in the comments. These comments will be deleted and entries invalidated.
All Austen in August giveaways are open until September 7th at 11:59 Eastern.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam, recently returned from the battlefields of Spain, calls on his cousin Darcy to help him fulfill a troublesome debt of honor. In her husband's absence, Elizabeth is faced with an influenza outbreak at Pemberley, and she must make a dangerous decision to keep everyone alive.

Darcy has returned to Pemberley to find his wife Elizabeth expecting and growing increasingly ill. When she invites the enigmatic Hawke sisters and the Fitzwilliams to join them for the festive season, will the company provide the friendship and solace Darcy hopes for his wife? Or will the Earl's opposition to Richard's love interest divide the family?

Drawing Mr Darcy is forthcoming from Melanie Rachel this Fall, and you can choose it as your giveaway prize! Full blurb TBD, but the pre-sale should be up by the holiday weekend, and the book should be on sale by October 1.

Jane Austen, Austen in August, blog event
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  1. I would love to win any one of these books.

  2. Love the excerpt - will be waiting to read the entire story. Already have e book copies of your other two books. Will wait until the contest ends and the winner selected before ordering my copy!

  3. If I was Jane I would be really annoyed that I was not going but then I am not placid or serene. Loved te Courage books.

  4. I learned about the 1783 volcanic eruption. I rely on "instant" news these days and didn't even think about how people would have no warning about the toxic cloud that killed flora and fauna. I am reminded about how politicians (before TV, etc.) traveled unrecognized about the country and could talk to people and get their opinions of themselves directly and truthfully.

  5. I find each of these stories intriguing. Somehow I missed them, and so have added them to my wish list.


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