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Friday, August 10, 2018

Save the Date: Watch-Along of Mansfield Park!

Earlier this week, I asked you to help decide what we should watch this year for our annual movie Watch-Along party. And it kind of surprised me, but you guys chose the vague "something rentable on Amazon/iTunes" option, which means that I sort of have free rein... and I should really never be left to my own devices.

So we're going to watch Mansfield Park. The 1999 version.
I get it.
It has an excellent cast, and yet...

It's inaccurate. It's awful. It has a random awkward sex scene? And it's going to make for an amazing discussion! ;)

Check it out:

I really do hope you'll join me, either live for the Twitter Chat (they're always so fun!), or join in the conversation as you're able, on your own time. We'll be sitting down to watch it at Friday, 8/17 at 8pm EST  due to unforeseen sickness (is that redundant?)[this watch along has been postponed, and a new date will be announced!], and sharing our thoughts / chatting with each other / throwing internet-tomatoes at the movie with the hashtag #AustenInAugust.

This promises to be a riot of mockery and maybe some defensive "Hey! I liked that"s, so definitely save the date, stock up on popcorn, and plan to join us!

You can rent the movie on Amazon, iTunes and Youtube (or watch a really low-quality version for free on DailyMotion... I'm just sayin' ;P )

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  1. Sounds fun! Thank you for "hosting" the watch along. :)

  2. I'm visiting with my brother and his wife, but I have to say that I had a good time with this film the first time I saw it. This Fanny has a twinkle in her eye at times and I can just imagine her inner monologue around Mrs. Norris, Lady Bertram, her girl cousins, and the Crawfords. :)

  3. save the date as in tonight? or is there another date that i’m not seeing?? and BTW i liked this movie! it’s very much off-book, but I didn’t mind that at all as M.Park is a real challe ge to adapt IMO.

  4. What date?? This one is so awful....I can't wait! :D

  5. I loved JLM as Edmund. You could see what Fanny saw in him, which you can't say for all Edmunds.

  6. Oh my lord, I cannot believe I didn't tell you guys the date! But I guess it was a moot point anyway, because I was sick and had to cancel. But it will be rescheduled!!


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