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Friday, August 24, 2018

Dream Casting Austen | a Janeite Conversation

Since we continually have a mix of new and returning authors to Austen in August, sometimes I like to revisit or slightly tweak old questions, and get new perspectives. Alright, alright, as I've mentioned, it's hard to constantly come up with new questions for these Janeite Convos! And we've done so many now that sometimes I just plain forget what we've talked about... So yes, we've touched on this ground before, but honestly -- it's a landscape that's ever-changing, so it's good ground to touch on.
We've discussed the best and worst casting for Austen films that already exist, but I'd love to know a few of your dream cast picks, either in looks or in act- ors/resses who you think could carry off the part.

NANCY: I am The Worst at casting anything. I can’t cast my own books, which makes cover design a nightmare.
ME: I'm not going to like, I hate dream casting things. It's actually really cruel and hypocritical of me to ask this question. But at the same time, I want to know what other people think?! So... *shrugs*
ALEXA: I’m terrible at this, too, but I would really like to see a great Anne Elliot. Maybe Emma Watson could do her justice?
ME: Ooh, I like that! I think that would be great, actually!
ROBIN: May I just suggest HENRY CAVILL for Darcy BEFORE he ages out of the role?
CHRISTINA: #dreamcasting Henry Cavill as any major Austen leading man, definitely Darcy...but he could play any of her Rakes and Gentlemen Rogues too. (But never John Thorpe. Nevah!)
ME: I'm sensing a theme, here...

ROBIN: I’m also all about the Casanova Chrisses: Evans, Pine, and Hemsworth – and they’re GETTING OLDER, too. People, wake up! Do I have to come to the wilds of California in person?
ROBIN: These lovely men could carry any Austen hero part, so let’s have Cavill play Darcy, Evans act Colonel Fitzwilliam (in a MUCH larger role), Hemsworth as Edward Farrars, and Pine as any Austen bad boy. He has that rakish vibe. I like him for Captain Tilney, George Wickham, or Henry Crawford.
ME: Mmmm, yes. I can see him as any or all, and I'd happily see him in any. damn. Austen. role. Period.
ROBIN: Kellen Lutz looks like a Knightley to me, but can he act the part of a Regency gentleman? He may be a bit tough for that romantic scene with Emma.
ME: I'm sorry, but all I can see is his horrible Twilight haircut, which is a little too Collins for my liking. Trying to adjust my thinking now...
ROBIN: If filmmakers continue to dally, we may have to settle for films made from sequels of the books, allowing the hero to be fifteen years older.
ME: I mean, the sequels tend to get steamier, so. . . ;)
MELANIE: I think it was Drunk Austen who posted about a gender-swap version of Pride and Prejudice featuring Tom Hiddleston, JJ Feild, and Lee Pace as some of the Bennet brothers. I'd LOVE to see that. Like crazy.
ME: My. God. YES.
MELANIE: And could I be cast as Lizzy? 😉
ME: If it makes this happen any faster, I'm all for it. Also, how has a gender swapped P&P not happened yet?!?! Come on, Hollywood!
RIANA: I’m not so up on the young batch of movie actors that I can do this question any justice. Daisy Ridley, who played Mary Debenham in last year’s Murder on the Orient Express would make a lovely Lizzy Bennet, I think, both in looks and in acting chops.
ME: I can see it.
RIANA: If he were still 15 years younger, Hugh Jackman would make a lovely Mr. Knightly from Emma (think of him in Kate and Leopold), and Eddie Redmayne is delightful to watch in anything.
ME: I honestly don't know how Eddie Redmayne hasn't been in an Austen film yet, actually. Something about him just begs to be Bingley.
RIANA: Perhaps he would make an interesting Captain Wentworth – both serious and fun, and dashing in a uniform.
ME: Again, I would not be opposed to this.
DEBRA-ANN: I think that Lily Collins would make a good Elizabeth Bennet, Lilly James (already did EB) would be a good Elinor Dashwood—
ME: So it's all down to the Lilys, then.
DEBRA-ANN: Clive Owen as Admiral Croft,
ME: Yes.
DEBRA-ANN: Theo James as either Mr. Darcy or Captain Wentworth. . .
DEBRA-ANN: So many choices
LEIGH: Honestly, I think the best thing that could happen is for a bunch of nobodies to be cast.
ME: I think that's part of why I struggle with it. I want a blank canvas. I want a new person I can fall in love with, as the characters are falling in love...
LEIGH: I think the fandom is so interested that anyone known will be judged (for good or ill) before they have said a word.
ME: Absolutely. It can be so hard to separate the actor from the acting, sometimes.
LEIGH: Is this also where I pray that some producer sees this and picks me??? Not to brag, but I am a very accomplished walker.
ME: Haha! Let's commission you some headshots and get this ball rollin'.

So, Janeites &madsh; who would you dream-cast in your favorite Austen role? Let us know in the comments!

This year's Janeite Conversations features the following authors. Please give them some love in the comments, and support them by checking out their books!

Alexa Adams, author of Being Mrs Bennet, et al
Leigh Dreyer, author of The Best Laid Flight Plans
Riana Everly, author of Teaching Eliza, et al
Robin Helm, author of A Very Austen Christmas, et al
Nancy Kelley, author of His Good Opinon, et al
Debra-Ann Kummoung, author of Falling for Elizabeth Bennet
Melanie Stanford, author of The Beast of Pemberley from The Darcy Monologues, et al

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  1. I agree with so much of this conversation. I always wanted to see Richard Armitage as Mr. Darcy but I am afraid at this point he has aged out of the role. I also would like to see Henry Cavill in the role. I think Daisy Ridley would make a great Elizabeth Bennet and Emma Watson a great Anne Elliot. Love these casting choices. Now if only we could get an Austen movie made once a year so we could have a chance of seeing all these casting choices come to fruition.

  2. After viewing Bride and Prejudice and recently Murder on the Orient Express, I would totally want to see an int'l cast and other int'l setting/era for an Austen novel- maybe Asian because their historical periods are exquisite and formal like a Regency.

    But, I do like Melanie's gender swap idea, too. :)

  3. Yes to ALL of those choices! (and entertaining that we're casting the menfolk more than the ladies)
    I think a gender-swapped P&P needs to happen (and I will happily watch Lee Pace in ANYTHING). But I'd also love to see Lee Pace as Henry Tilney. Be still my beating hormones.
    Oh, or John Boyega as Bingley.
    Ansel Elgort as Edmund Bertram.

    For the lasses, Kristen Bell as Emma. Emilia Clarke as Elinor Dashwood. Saoirse Ronan as Fanny Price. Kelly Marie Tran as Catherine Morland. Zazie Beetz as Lizzie Bennet. Oh gods, with Viola Davis as Mrs. Bennet (you know she'd have fun with that).

  4. Lots of interesting choices, ladies. I totally agree with all of you except for Kellen Lutz because I'm not familiar with him. I guess I didn't continue watching the Twilight movies after the first one.

    Rupert Penry-Jones played Captain Wentworth so well (in my opinion) that I don't like to see him replaced. But if another person would fit the role, I would like to see Chris Evans in it. Chris Hemsworth as Edward Ferrars? No way. He's so buff up as Thor that I can't imagine him as the timid clergyman.

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