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Monday, June 21, 2010

A trip to the seaside

Okay, folks, I'm off to the ocean and then the ALA conference, where I am hoping things will go smoothly and I will be able to continue to post things they way they should be.  I've done as much in advance as I was able, and the rooms are supposed to have wifi, so everything should be fine, but you may have to forgive me in advance for any oopsies and incommunicativeness.

On a fun note, I have never been to the ocean, so I am super excited.  It probably shouldn't be such a big deal to me, considering that I am from the Great Lakes state and continually surrounded by water (live very near, in fact); I'm used to the site of water as far as the eye can see.  But still.  I'm looking forward to monstrous waves, and people that shouldn't be half-naked on the beach, and extreme fishy smells -- in short, all of the ridiculous extremes such a large body of water provides.

What I'm really amused by, though, is that a couple of days ago, when I had a chance to actually think about my trip, the first thing that came into my mind was that I was going on holiday to the seaside, like a gouty character from an Austen novel.  I got this mental image of Bath, accompanied by some of Jane's venomous quotes on the place, and I laughed enough to make people nearby think I'm crazy.  But it amuses me that even on my  vacation, I am thinking of Jane.

So if I get a chance, I will write up my holiday for you in Jane-ish terms -- tales of the watering places we visit (though these watering places will serve, not so much water, as vodka...But hey, they're both clear...), curious quizzes of people we see on the beach, etc.

I look forward to sending you more Jane love from our nation's capitol!


  1. Ha Ha, thats awesome!! Enjoy your stay in Bath! ;)

  2. Haha! Bath and the health visits immediately sprung to mind as soon as I read the heading. I was actually sure the post would be about that. I guess I was wrong.

    Have a wonderful trip to the seaside and enjoy the conference. Looking forward to the posts.

  3. Enjoy!

    PS You made me think of Emma since she too had never seen the ocean ;)

  4. Enjoy your trip!

    I had to change the end date of my giveaway because I wouldn't be able to mail out over the next two weeks. Sometimes life just interferes LOL :)


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