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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear Jane, from Kai

Dear Jane, I wonder how this letter, if it some how magically made its way to you through time and space would be greeted in your hands. I wonder what you would think of this brash American woman, daring to send you a missive with out a proper introduction.

Knowing you like I think I do. I imagine a curious gleam in your eyes on receipt of this letter. I imagine you having a keen sense of anticipation as you unfold this letter possibly with a cup of tea nearby. I come from a time and place that possibly cannot imagine, with technologies, and world events quite different from your own. Although in this brave new world there are still quite a few of us who cherish the written word, and the comfort of a good book. Your books I am happy to say are among my favorites.

In this fine world of Smart phones and Chai tea lattes, Facebook and twitter we are also quite fond of lists! So here are:

The Top 5 Life lessons I have learned from your Novels:
  1. Secrets very rarely stay SECRET. The Truth will out itself, often in the most devastating and sometimes liberating ways.
  2.  Despite its users good intentions meddling can often lead to heart ache and should be used cautiously.
  3. The mysteries of a man’s heart can be as intricate and delicate as a woman’s. It is not wise to make a firm judgment of a man’s behavior without knowing more about his experiences and his life.
  4. To not put too much merit in the opinions of others but to follow your heart. If it is meant to be Love always can provide a second chance.
  5. Despite a woman’s circumstances in life: her heart and spirit and cheerful manner will take her far.

So know Jane in this fine world so different from your own, that you are still thought of, talked of, loved, and most importantly read.

Yours, truly


  1. I love this. What great lessons/points!

  2. Great post! I had fun reading it, probably because I agree with a lot of it :)

  3. Love it! And I have wondered myself at what Jane would make of all our modern conveniences. Would she own a Kindle?


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