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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sense and Sensibility: A Reading

Why this is one of my favorite scenes:  Though I love Wentworth's letter and Knightley's confession of love, I really like when Austen leaves it up to the imagination a bit.  You get to fill in the blanks and make the scene what you want it to be, which means it doesn't cave under sentimentality.  I also like that she acquitted Edward for past romances nicely (which is something I worried about), and kept a nice sort of tongue-in-cheek humor throughout.  I also love how consistent the characters are to the end, and that even as Elinor sees Edward approaching and is truly devasted, we get this great little bit about her sort of pep-talking herself and determining to be pleasant and proper to Edward, and to be mistress of herself.  You get the feeling that she often has these little moments with herself.

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