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Friday, June 18, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Custom Austen necklace!

Today I have a bit of a winner's choice giveaway for you. You may recall the Alice in Wonderland necklaces I made for Alice in Whatsitland earlier in the year.  Today's giveaway is somewhat like that, except that the winner gets to choose the design of their necklace.    The winner gets their pick of one of the following images on a pendant, with their choice of necklace (traditional chain, ball chain, ribbon/lace or colored hemp).
Oh, and I may throw in something else as well.  Bonus!

Also, I should also probably mention that a custom necklace will be making its way into the Regency Ladies Survival Kit as well...

<---- click me!

Want to win? Fill out this form and you're in!
International, yo!
Ends June 30th


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