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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Snippet: Northanger Abbey, from Allison

Allison over at The Allure of Books re-read Northanger Abbey [ ;p ] and defended one of my faves quote nicely.  SHe says:
" It is much funnier and more entertaining then I remember it being....Henry Tilney is higher on my list of favorite Austen heroes then I previously thought. He would be the most fun to be around out of all of them, I think. He is very flirty and witty, but he is also a very loyal and kind man....Austen got it right when she created Tilney, no doubt about it.
Catherine Moreland's coming of age is the star of the show here."

Click the pic to go to Allison's full review!


  1. Lovely to see another Tilney fan! A good defence of Northanger Abbey is so very needed :)


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