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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Snippet: Thoughts on Anne Elliot, from Maria

Maria wrote a fantastic and insightful post about Anne Elliot and her place among Jane's heroines.  And the best thing?  She backs everything up with quotes from sources!  The research nerd in me love this.
Maria says:
"Anne Elliot is easily the most unique of Jane Austen's well-known heroines and represents a distinct departure from the author's typical characterization of female protagonists...I find Anne a convincing powerful heroine, maybe the strongest of Austen’s heroines...The most remarkable thing about Anne Elliot, however, is that she does not seem to have to acquire self-knowledge - her attitudes and behavior are astonishingly consistent from beginning to end. In fact, her character can hardly be said to "develop" in the usual sense of the word. All her development seems to have taken place in the eight years that precede the opening of Persuasion, the eight years since her fateful decision not to marry Captain Wentworth."

Click the pic of Anne to go to Maria's fabtastic post!


  1. That was a lovely word portrait of Anne, the Austen heroine whom I would most like to have as a friend.


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