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Thursday, June 24, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Murder at Mansfield Park by Lynn Shepherd

Murder at Mansfield ParkThis is a superb retelling of the Jane Austen novel in which the house at Mansfield Park becomes the scene of one murder after another. Here is a new and surprising Fanny Price: forthright, ambitious, scheming and downright untrustworthy. What could possibly happen to a character like that? And how will the fortunes of the inhabitants of Mansfield Park be changed with the discovery of a dead body early one morning?

The folks at Beautiful Books Ltd sent me a review copy for Jane in June (thanks to author Lynn Shepherd for hooking me up via BBL, and for doing an awesome interview and Dear Jane letter!), and I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading it. I hadn't intended to offer this book as a giveaway, since I liked it (and since my copy has seen some beach days by now), but I couldn't resist offering someone a copy to tie in with Velvet's Mansfield Park Murder Mystery weekend.  (How could I pass that up?)
So since I want my copy, I'm just going to buy someone theirs...  Want?  Just fill out this form and you're in.  INTERNATIONAL.  Ends July 5th.


  1. This book sounds really intriguing! Thank you for this chance! :)

  2. I've been wanting to read this book. ^^ BTW i've sent you the finished interview with the austen heroes.


  3. I a fan of both Jane Austen and Agatha Christie so the sound like fantastic fun.

  4. I hope I didn't enter twice, but if I did, my sincerest apologies, I'm excited.


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