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Friday, June 18, 2010

Snippets: Lost in Austen and Miss Austen Regrets

There were two great reviews lately of Austen-related movies I love.  
The first was from Lori, who reviewed Lost In Austen.  She says "The liberties Lost in Austen took with some characters I found horrifying, as I imagine many Austen purists might....I also appreciated that this Jane was showcased very much as Austen's original Jane must have been intended - - without a mean spirited bone in her body.  She's just caring enough and devoted enough to her family duty to not come off as a pushover.  Her resignation in some scenes is palpable....In short, I felt Lost in Austen was an interesting and, yes, even worthy addition to the library of Austen sequels "
Click the pic to go to her full review!

The second review came from Kals and was of the movie Miss Austen Regrets.  Kals says:
"To put it simply, this is the best cinematic tribute to Jane Austen that I've seen....The most fascinating thing about this film is the fact that it showcases the personality and character of Jane Austen very close to how I imagined her to be...The cinematography is a visual delight...But what makes this film so amazing is the inherent sincerity with which it has been made."

High praise indeed!
Click the pic to see Kals' full review!

Thanks, gals!


  1. I absolutely loved Lost in Austen :) Maybe because I went in knowing it will be a fun, light version and will take some liberties. I enjoyed it for being a hilarious peek into Pride and Prejudice!

    Thanks for posting my review of Miss Austen Regrets :)

  2. What fantastic quotes. I must agree with Lost in Austen. While the idea was fun (and Mr. Darcy was ULTRA hot) the "liberties taken with the characters where horrifying"!

    I haven't seen Miss Austen Regrets. I must add this to my list.

  3. I enjoyed Miss Austen Regrets. It was a more accurate portrayal of Jane than the movie Becoming Jane.

  4. I watched Miss Austen Regrets after seeing Kals rave about it on Twitter, and I did love it. I'll probably get around to watching Lost in Austen soon.


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