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Friday, June 11, 2010

A grievous mistake...

!!! Felicia pointed out that I left the gentlemen of Sense and Sensibility out of this week's Character Connection and Friday Face Off.  Ironic, considering that I am focusing on S&S this week, but maybe I have them on the brain so much I thought it was a given.
So to right this wrong, here is an entire post devoted to them.

I've already said in my discussion of S&S that I am slightly distrustful of Edward Ferrars, but I still love him, so we'll give him a pass and include him in the Heroes CC.  I have no such reservations about Col. Brandon.  I don't know why, really, when he is so much older than Marianne, and has a charge her age, which makes it slightly creepy to think of him pursuing a girl her age.  Somehow, I can set that aside and still love him.  He's honorable and caring and gentle, smart and with good taste, and he's got a melancholia to captivate sentimental Marianne -- all-around winner.

 Dan Stevens v. Hugh Grant as Edward Ferrars
The Verdict: When I saw Hugh Grant as Edward, I thought he'd nailed it.  Pretty near perfect.  Then I saw Dan Stevens.  No contest.  Stevens just is Edward Ferrars, and it wasn't until I saw him in the role that I really got the Edward is just a very honorable man who got himself into a tight spot when he was young, and as a gentleman, will do something he doesn't want and sacrifice his happiness for what is right.  He made me trust EF a bit more than I had to that point, and he gets loads of credit for it.  Plus, just look at those eyes... Seriously, click on the picture and fall into them.

Alan Rickman v. David Morrissey as Col. Brandon
The Verdict: Alan Rickman will always win any contest that I am judging.  I don't care what it is or why he's in it, he wins.  Morrissey was ... nice in the role, and I did like him, but he's not my Col. Brandon, and he's not my Alan Rickman.


  1. hehe there is my Edward! You know I love both of these adaptations but I have to see Alan and Hugh will always lead by just a smidge!

  2. or have to say---dang non-proof reading before hitting publish :)

  3. I've never read nor seen anything Jane Austen (gonna wait 'till high school), but I find it quite ironic that Snape was in S&S.. or anything Jane Austen, for that matter.
    Sorry. Random comment!

  4. I am going to totally agree with the Alan Rickman comment. I <3 him.

  5. Willoughby who? If I were Marianne, I'd fall for Col. Brandon, especially if he was Alan Rickman.

  6. I so agree. Especially about Rickman. Wonder if we can split him equally among us. I'll take the Snape half.

  7. This is in response to Anne's comment - so many of the Harry Potter stars are in Austen adaptations, and so many were in that same version of S & S. We have Emma Thompson who played Sibil Trelawny. Also Mrs. Dashwood (Gemma Jones) is Madam Pomfrey. And Charlotte Palmer was played by Immelda Staunton, who has amazing as Delores Umbridge. Of course Michael Gambon, who plays Dumbledore, was Mr. Woodhouse in last years Emma mini series. Jim Broadbent (Slughorn) is also Bridget Jones' father, and I know there are several more, I just can't think of them at the moment.

  8. Oh! One more important one. Ciarin Hines, who was played Captain Wentworth in the 1995 version of Persuasion (wonderfully, I might add), is going to play Alberforth (Dumbledore's brother) in the last two films. I cant wait!

  9. Alan Rickman all the way. I agree with you about the best Edward portrayal, too.

  10. For me, Hugh Grant and Dan Stevens are tied as Edward Ferrars.

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