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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear Jane ~ from author Lynn Shepherd

I have a very fun Dear Jane letter for you today. It comes from author Lynn Shepherd (Murder at Mansfield Park), and I am very glad that Lynn chose to write a poetic Dear Jane (I was really hoping someone would take that bait when I dangled it out there).

Dear Jane, I hope you'll forgive me
For having my way with Miss Price,
But we all find it quite hard to like her,
And she'd be far more fun with a vice.
And you do weigh the scales against Mary,
Who's a girl much more like Lizzy B,
So I made her my bright clever heroine,
(And slipped in a murderous spree).
So I hope you'll forgive my presumption
For daring to write in your style,
But pastiche or mash-up or sequel
I hope that you're flattered - and smile.


  1. Ha Ha, I love it! And I'm sure it would make Jane smile!

  2. LOL :D Murder over Zombies and Sea Monsters for me any day!

  3. This is great. I love it. I also have added the book and even learned what pastiche means.


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