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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dear Jane, From Elizabeth Darcy


My Dearest Jane,

I would like to begin by thanking you, gentle creator, for many things. First, my exasperating but ultimately loving family. Yes, all of them. Especially included is your namesake, my sweetest sister Jane. Her goodness is both a balm and an inspiration to me. Second, as unpleasant as the moment itself was, I want to thank you for the self-awareness and discernment that allowed me to truly understand the character of the man who is now my husband. I have kept the letter which began that necessary transformation, instead of burning it. I need to keep it--as a reminder of my faults and of his virtues. Finally, I must extend my humblest and most profound gratitude for the man himself, Fitzwilliam Darcy. I have been convinced my entire life that I could never enter into marriage without the ardent love which it is now my daily pleasure to enjoy, and my good fortune never ceases to amaze me. Happy is simply too small and flat a word to describe how I feel.

The addition to my heart of a new sister in Georgiana and the beautiful home I am now mistress of are your doing as well. I thrill to see the more sociable nature Fitzwilliam now cultivates in himself, and hope for my own part a wider knowledge of the world which it is possible for me to gain as his wife. I must admit, too, that financial security is a new but increasingly comfortable situation in which to find myself. The prospect of the future is now such a shining one that any vexation seems tolerable,  any trial bearable. I shall endeavor to be deserving of these blessings and wish fervently for everyone to experience similar gifts.

Thank you again and again.

Yours etc.,
Elizabeth Darcy*

*Thanks to Rachel for this DJ post!

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