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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Emma: A Reading

Why this is one of my favorite scenes:  It embodies what is best about both Mr Knightley and Emma.  He is kind-hearted and considerate, and puts a lot of store by setting a good example, as shown when he came to Harriet's "rescue"; he's also a little uncertain and tentative, in a really charming way.  The Emma is a flawed heroine, this scene shows the best side of her: she is confident and vivacious, the leader of the pack in a good way, and ready to be merry and make sure everyone is happy.  Add in the great little foretaste of romantic tension and it's pretty near perfect.


  1. I'm reading Emma now and watched the movie last night.Loving it:p

  2. That's one of my favorite scenes too! Thanks for the reading!!

  3. I love this part!
    I love that he knows saying less will be like saying more and how he shows her compassion even when she has done wrong.


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