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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Snippet: Jane's Juvenalia, from Maria

Maria gave us a lovely and in-depth review of Jane's juvenalia; she had some great things to say, like this on the subject of Love and Freindship: 

"The device she uses to make sentimental clich├ęs comical is exaggeration. For instance, the hasty decision to get married make Edward and Laura’s love at first sight rather improbable .This also shows that Jane Austen considered the romantic notion of sensibility as a myth. An improbable one.
So reading this short story can be just  fun but it can also give us an insight to understand and appreciate Austen’s method of pointing out the flaws of previous romantic views of love and friendship through satirical representations of anecdotes."

and on Lesley Castle:

"This gleeful dealing with scandalous facts may be the reason why her family resisted the temptation to publish these Early Works until 1922." 

Click the pic to read the full review!

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