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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jane-lover: Velvet

I just wanted to do a little spotlight today on a special Jane-loving buddy of mine (you hear me talk about her all the time): Velvet.  One of the first things that attracted me to Velvet's blog was the subject matter: zombies and Jane Austen.  (This is prior to the PPZ craze.)  I knew then I'd found a bit of a kindred spirit, and I was right.
When Velvet heard about Jane in June, she said to definitely count her in, and I've been reading her Jane related stuff just about every day this month.  But it wasn't until today, when I actually really stopped to look at the long list of stuff she's contributed, that I realized I needed to point you all in her direction.  You've seen my snippet of her Bride and Prejudice review, but she's done so much more than that this month.  Head over to vvb32 Reads and check out her entire month of JnJ contributions, and enter to win her Jane-related contests.

Then, make sure you check back often this entire weekend for her Mansfield Park Murder Mystery weekend!  (Get in on the fun here, too...)


  1. Totally agree! She's so creative, fun and an amazing blogger :)

  2. I love her blog! And I agree with you. She is an Awesome blogger!:)


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