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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Snippet: Mercy's Embrace: So Rough a Course, from Austenesque Reviews

Meredith at Austenesque Reviews has written a lovely review of Laura Hile's Mercy's Embrace, an expansion of Elizabeth Elliot's storyline.  Now, Elizabeth Elliot is incredibly low on my Jane-characters ranking scale, so I am curious what a story with her would be like.  Meredith says:
"Under the pen of the talented Laura Hile, Elizabeth Elliot, one of the least liked of all Austen women, is becoming an appealing and captivating heroine. Remaining true to her nature, Elizabeth is still horribly pretentious and self-absorbed. But the reader will be able to see the stirrings of a sympathetic heart and a humbled disposition, and know that Elizabeth's character is in the midst of an admirable transformation. "
Hmm...Sounds like a female Mr. Darcy...Could prove interesting...

Click the link above to go read Meredith's full review!


  1. Interesting. I'm going to have to look for it.

  2. This is one character I've always wanted to see expanded upon! Am going to go check out Meredith's review right now...

    I have a "Your Blog is sooo Kewl" award for you at my blog!

  3. i like the sounds of the admiral. on my tbr pile!

  4. Mercy's Embrace is a thoroughly fun book, and believe me, you'll end up loving Elizabeth Elliot as much as you love the other Elizabeth (aka Bennet), well, almost as much, anyway.

    Adm McGillvary is a hero worthy of Austenite worship, and Hile is a wonderful writer--funny, articulate, moving.


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