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Friday, June 4, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Persuasion bookmark from The Antique Fashionista!

 Yesterday, I showed you the fabulous artwork donated to us JnJers from The Antique Fashionista, Masha Laurence.

Well, today you're getting a chance to win my favorite piece.  It's hard, actually, to pick a favorite piece from all of the loveliness, but this bookmark of Anne Elliot (Persuasion) captures the mood and the character so perfectly, and is so subtle and spot-on that it had to win that distinction.

 Inscribed on the back is the quote:
"And yet," said Anne to herself..."he has not, perhaps, a more sorrowing heart than I have."
Want it?
All you have to do is fill out this form!  1 bonus entry if you visit Masha's Etsy store and tell me your favorite piece on the entry form!

Contest is open to US and Canada only (sorry, world-friends); ends June 30th.
Winner will be announced in July.
Good luck!!!


  1. Thanks for the giveaway! Her bookmark is so gorgeous. After visiting her Etsy shop I think my favorite has to be "Jane Eyre bookmark (wherever you are is my home)." All of her bookmarks are so beautiful, though it's hard to pick! I think you're right about this one capturing the mood nicely.

  2. O I LOVE these!

    My favorite is the Emma at Donwell Abbey 5 x 7 Original Watercolor

    I'm actually pondering purchasing it right now.

  3. I am with JuJu I went and bought my favorite: E and M bookmarks from Sense and Sensibility :)

  4. Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite might actually be the Bad Girls of Jane Austen piece. I just love the vibrant colors.

  5. LOl, I just filled out the form and that was my favorite too, Jen! I really liked the bad girls of Austen, though I would have included a few others with them :-P

  6. My favorite is the P&P bookmark with the purplish dress.

  7. I just entered for this! I think ALL of the Antique Fashionista work is gorgeous, but I particularly like the Lizzy and Darcy handpainted cards--I'll have to buy them when I have the extra money!


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