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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Vlog: Into the Woods and Cinderella reviewed & discussed

I've been promising my thoughts on INTO THE WOODS and CINDERELLA for some time now, so here they are, in one shiny video for your viewing pleasure! ;)

Let me know your thoughts in the comments -- good, bad or indifferent -- and make sure to join me for more Fairy Tale Fortnight goodies here and on the blog!

Into the Woods Trailer
Cinderella Trailer
Cinderella Storify (Melissa Grey)
Cinderella Watercolor giveaway

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  1. Hmms....these caught my notice, but I was willing to wait to rent them. I'm glad to get your thoughts because I do love musicals, but I would have had a shock with the twist in Into the Woods. As to Cinderella, sounds like just a fun one and I can do those.

  2. I actually watched both movies and enjoyed both for different reasons. The music from "Into the Woods" was just perfect for me. But I admit that I watched it for Meryl Streep. I was not disappointed. In general, I liked the movie however the cousin I watched it with and the friend I spoke about it with both didn't enjoy it.

    I admit that I am one of those people that was a little uncomfortable with how easily Cinderella accepted her treatment, but as a someone explained to me it was still good considering the dated material. Your interpretation of her kindness makes sense too. There are really quite a handful of ways to interpret it. I remember my cousin mentioning that she didn't see her kindness the same way I did. I still liked Cinderella though and she would definitely be a person I would want as a friend and trust with my life in real life. I really did enjoy the movie and had no regrets at all choosing to watch it in the theater. I would even watch it again~!

  3. I didn't see Into the Woods but I did go out with friends and saw Cinderella. I thought Disney did a great job adapting and, like you said, fleshing out the cartoon version they had in the live action. I felt like they fleshed out the prince more too which was awesome. Cate Blanchett did an awesome job. They all did great. They couldn't have chosen better actors for the movie. I thought the movie sent a great message of staying true to yourself in the face of adversary. But it seems like people are overlooking the part where Cinderella stood up to her stepmother. Maybe it wasn't a big performance or event in the movie, but it was still there. I loved that they tried to depict the fact that you don't have to be forceful, etc. in order to be a strong woman. Cinderella was strong, but she was strong in a different way and that, to me, is part of what makes this movie so great.


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