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Monday, April 6, 2015

Princess Alethea Rants... guest vlog from Alethea Kontis!

The following vlog comes from author Alethea Kontis, as a special FTF favor for Bonnie (the two are thick as thieves!). It's part of Alethea's Fairy Tale Rants series, which you can find more of here. And if you're unfamiliar with Alethea, well, first I'd have to assume you're new to Fairy Tale Fortnight..., and then I'd have to point you in the direction of the many. times. we've. featured. her. ~_^ 
Check out her latest rant below, and then share your thoughts in the comments!

You can find out more about Alethea's books — and pick up copies for yourself — here,
and you can support Alethea's Rants on Patreon here!

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  1. Yay for another rant! :D
    One I'd never heard of before, too.
    This is honestly kind of horrifying. I don't want any of my friends to kill a baby for me. Just no- let me be poisoned and die and then name the kid after me or something.

    (also, cracking up because I was an English major and if I could've passed Chemistry I'd have been a Marine Bio major, working a job that doesn't drive me crazy)


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