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Tuesday, March 31, 2015



If you're new to Fairy Tale Fortnight (or FTF), basically it's a 2 week-long celebration of all things fairy tale and fairy tale-esque.  Every day you'll find numerous fairy tale goodies — reviews, discussions, giveaways, interviews, guest posts, vlogs — probably some other things, too! And all of these things will be brought to you not just by me and my co-host, Bonnie from A Backwards Story, but from so many awesome fairy tale lovers, like yourselves! And everyone is welcome to get involved and jump in on the fun, so if you feel inspired to join in with your own fairy tale related post, share it on the linky!

On each page during FTF, you'll see something like this:
Want more fairy tales? Return to the main schedules
by clicking here for The Book Rat or here for A Backwards Story
Generally at the bottom of each post, when you see this, you can click the picture or the text that says "click here" to return to this Main Page, to access the schedule, navigate to posts that have already gone up, see what's coming next, etc. Feel free to snag this button to share on your sidebar, or in your own fairy tale posts!

I've been calling this year's button "Whimsical Antlered Fairy Girl," which is maybe a little on the nose, but there is just something about humans with antlers that intrigues me, and screams FAIRY TALE. Bonnie and I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to a few awesome deviants whose awesome stock I used to make this year's button. Seriously, there are some truly amazingly talented, generous people out there, and they deserve ALL TEH CREDITS: the lovely faestock (as always) for her continually awesome stock images and TinaLouiseUK for her awesome antler stock. You ladies rock!

That's probably all you need to know about the background of FTF, though if you're curious and want to know more, feel free to browse through the events of the last few years! (One, Two, Three, Four.) This year's schedule is located below, and will be updated daily to show you what's coming next. The only other thing I need to impress upon you before we kick this bad boy off is that:


Bonnie and I are so excited, and I'm kind of overwhelmed that, not only has this lasted half a decade, but that throughout the year, I have people email and tweet me, asking about the next event! When this flight of fancy entered my head, I had no idea that it would last so long, or that I'd connect with so many of you as a result. So a huge THANK YOU to Bonnie, my original co-host, Ashley, all of the authors, publicists and guest posters who have made it possible over the years, and most of all, all of YOU for sticking around, getting involved, and making this crazy mess worthwhile! I {heart} you all big time!

To commemorate five years of FTF, Bonnie and I have a few little fun bits planned, and each day, I will be linking back to a post from previous years as an ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), so that we can relive these fun moments and experience these fanciful books all over again.
Happy reading and hope you enjoy!


*Please note: sometimes things will have links that aren't active yet, but will go active at some point that day; posts are staggered. =)
~ Wednesday, April 1st ~
~ Thursday, April 2nd ~
~ Friday, April 3rd ~
~ Saturday, April 4th ~
~Sunday, April 5th ~
~Monday, April 6th ~
~ Tuesday, April 7th ~
~ Wednesday, April 8th ~
~ Thursday, April 9th ~
~ Friday, April 10th ~
~ Saturday, April 11th ~
~ Sunday, April 12th ~
~ Monday, April 13th ~
~ Tuesday, April 14th ~

And they lived Happily Ever After.
The End.

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  1. This is so awesome!! I wish I would age knew about it sooner but I'm loving all the posts!!


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