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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Book Chat: Genre Pushing | FAIRY TALES

Hey guys! I've been thinking about doing some "genre pushing" videos lately, where I give you a while bunch of recommendations of books of a certain type, so I thought I'd commandeer this month's Book Chat to kick the genre-pushing off.
YOU, of course, are not limited to recommending fairy tales - use this month's BC to push whatever genre you'd like. =D

I've given A LOT of recommendations in this video, so to make things easier, below you can find where the specific sections of the video start, and then the full list of books, by section (some are repeats, as they're mentioned in more than one).

And below that, you can link up YOUR genre-pushing vlogs and blogs!

(Also, no, I have not read every book mentioned - a couple are books I know to fit in with certain themes, but I have read NEARLY every one, and would be happy to talk about any of them. =D )

Jump to Fairy Tales for:
~ Adults (or those wanting darker themes) @ 2:00
~ Children, families & YA/MG readers @ 4:42
~ Contemporary readers (or those looking for a twist) @ 8:33
~ Hipsters (people who want something more obscure) @ 6:27
~ Epic fantasy / beautiful writing lovers @ 9:53
~ People who don't want to read a "fairy tale" @ 11:25
~ People who want something quick @ 12:28

Adult/Dark section (2:00)
Daughter of the Forest | Juliet Marillier
The Book of Lost Things | John Connolly
Godmother | Carolyn Turgeon
Shadows on the Moon |Zoe Marriott
Tender Morsels | Margo Lanagan

Kids section (4:42)
Breadcrumbs | Anne Ursu
The Princess Curse | Merrie Haskell
The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom | Christopher Healy
The Hero's Guide to Storming the Castle | Christopher Healy
A Tale Dark and Grimm | Adam Gidwitz

"Hipster" (lesser-known) section (6:27):
Cloaked | Alex Flinn
Anahita's Woven Riddle | Meghan Nuttall Sayres
Book of a Thousand Days | Shannon Hale
Breadcrumbs | Anne Ursu
Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow | Jessica Day George
Wildwood Dancing | Juliet Marillier
The Princess Curse | Merrie Haskell
Entwined | Heather Dixon
Princess of the Midnight Ball | Jessica Day George
The Goose Girl | Shannon Hale
Strands of Bronze and Gold | Jane Nickerson

Contemporary/Spin section (8:33):
The Lunar Chronicles | Marissa Meyer
A Long, Long Sleep | Ally Sheehan
Alex Flinn books
Jackson Pearce books
Godmother | Carolyn Turgeon
Ash | Malinda Lo
Briar Rose |Jane Yolen

Epic/Beautiful section (9:53):
Anahita's Woven Riddle | Meghan Nuttall Sayres
Wildwood Dancing | Juliet Marillier
Daughter of the Forest | Juliet Marillier
Heart's Blood | Juliet Marillier
Shadows on the Moon | Zoe Marriott
I, Coriander | Sally Gardner
A Curse Dark as Gold | Elizabeth C. Bunce
Titan Magic | Jodi Lamm

Fairy Tale-esque section (11:25):
Sunshine | Robin McKinley
Lips Touch: Three Times | Laini Taylor
and other Laini Taylor books

and Anthologies shown (12:28):
Silver Birch, Blood Moon (my personal favorite!) | various
The Faery Reel | various
Troll's Eye View | various
Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm | Philip Pullman

Click here to go back to the Fairy Tale Fortnight Main Page,
where you can access the schedule or find out more!


  1. Woo~ Time to fill up the hold shelf at the library!

  2. I loved this video so much. Like ridiculously much. I usually love your videos anyway but this one was just brilliant! I think I'm going to have a lot of new books on my shelves thanks to you. You should definitely do other videos like this on other genre's because I'd love to see your recommendations, although I don't think I'll love them as much as this because fairy tales just have a special place in my heart. Really excited for this fortnight on your blog!

  3. This is the first Book Chat video I've watched, and I loved it! I just added all of these that weren't on there to my TBR and, lucky me, only one is not a part of my library/available through interlibrary loan. Great post! :)

  4. I think this is the first Book Chat video I've seen too. No way would I try to make a vlog to follow that! You are much more well read when it comes to Fairy Tales than I am. I learned a lot just watching. And I have quite a few to add to my too read list! That was a great vlog!


  5. Silver Birch, Blood Moon - I think I read that ages ago if I'm remembering correctly! What an awesome list I don't recognize so many of them!
    Pabkins @ My Shelf Confessions

  6. And once again, you make one video, Beth adds 20 books to her TBR list. :)
    Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow was fantastic, but my standout favorite of all of those was Wildwood Dancing. I could not get enough of that book, and it made me a Juliet Marillier fan for life.
    Thanks for the recommendations!

    1. I love Wildwood Dancing, too (and was already a firm fan of Marillier when I'd read it, on the strength of Daughter of the Forest alone. Easily one of my all-time favorite books), but I just adore Sun and Moon so much. I love the tale, so that's part of it, but mostly there's just something so perfect about Bear and the Lass.

  7. Enjoyed the video....so many new books I now NEED.....my TBR list grows and grows.....

  8. Oh dear, that list of fairy tale related books that I want to read just keeps getting longer and longer. Totally bookmarking this page for when I can actually have a chance to look these books up. Of course, I've only read like one of these (actually, more, but it's The Lunar Chronicles, sooo...) but I do have Heart's Blood on my tbr for the fortnight and I am really looking forward to it because I hear such great stuff about Juliet Marillier.


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