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Monday, March 25, 2013

Create-A-Cover Redux!

In yesterday's 2012 highlights post, I mentioned the fun "Create a Cover" game we played last year, where participants created fake book covers for some of their favorite tales and retellings. And because I like nothing more than a good procrastination tool, I figured we'd do it again this year!

A few things to know about the Create a Cover game:

  • You should always give credit where credit is due! If you use someone else's pictures, give 'em credit and a link - and make sure they allow their images to be used!
  • Anyone can play! And you can submit as many covers, for as many tales, as you would like. 
  • There could be prizes! In theory, this is just something fun for us to waste time on do, but if enough people get it on the game, who knows? Maybe I'll decide prizes are in order. I'm known to decide these things on a whim...
  • Any fairy tale works! Like non-traditional tales? Go for it. Want to do a fanart cover of your fave fairy tale retelling? Knock yourself out. I can't wait to see it, no matter what it is!
  • Seriously, ANYONE CAN PLAY. It doesn't matter if your photoshopping skills are atrocious. These are still a lot of fun (I promise!) and sharing them and seeing what everyone comes up with is half the fun! 
If you want to get it on the fun, create a cover, post it to your blog/tumblr/twitter/whatever and leave a link in the comments, and I'll add it below. No blog/allthoseotherthings, or don't want to share it on your social media? Email me and I'll add it to the mix!

Here's mine, to get us started. Once again, I went for a LRRH story this year, though I have a feeling this Red would give our Wolf a run for his money... Both images used are from the fabulous Faestock  [forest | model] (whose Ariel I used in this year's button!); alterations and extras are my own.

(click the link to see how she created them)


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where you can access the schedule! Or go here to get involved!
Credit to these awesome Deviants for our button [ 12 & 3]!


  1. Ooooh. Love the cover you created. I would totally read that book based on the cover alone. :)

  2. I made covers for Beauty and the Beast and the Twelve Dancing Princesses. It was my first attempt to use photoshop and it was actually a lot of fun.


  3. It's not photoshop but a collage that I made for my own fairy-tale. Then parts of it were used for the cover of my book.


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