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Sunday, March 24, 2013

In Case You Missed It ~ Fairy Tale Fortnight 2012 Highlights!

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I don't remember a time when I didn't love fairy tales. Even before I started Fairy Take Fortnight, I had little fairy-tale related things here and there on the blog. But even before that, I was hard-pressed to hide my obsession. I wrote papers about them in school; I watched all the movies I could get my hands on. It's a lot easier now, of course, to get my fairy tale fix, as they've found sudden favor with the masses (long may the obsession reign); but even if that ends tomorrow, at least I have FTF for an outlet - and all of you to connect with about fairy tales!

Last year, I told you about some of the awesome things you may have missed the first time around; here are some of my favorite bits that you might have missed from the 2nd FTF. =)

Last year

* I hosted a "create a cover" challenge, where people 'shopped their little red riding hearts out; think we might have to do this again this year!
And because we could, we also made our own Hipster Ariel memes.

* I vlogged about my top 10 favorite fairy tale retellings (at that moment...)

* Zoraida Cordova taught us a bit about mermaid anatomy, and Marissa Meyer showed off her fairy tale memorabilia collection, and you should seriously watch both.

* Danya gave us some tips on things we should have learned from fairy tales. You know, useful stuff, like getting a food tester because lots of people will probably want to poison you. And always getting the name (first and last) of any random little men who pop up in your room asking for, like, first-borns and stuff.

* We learned that maybe "Prince Charming" isn't really all that charming - but that's okay, because Ems waxed poetic on the allure of the Bad Boy.

* And really, turns out the princesses probably aren't all that much better. Though if you come across one in real life, could be pretty epic.

* And of course we had a ton of awesome interviews, guest posts, reviews and more, so feel free to browse. =)


  1. I love fairytales! I haven't read that many fantastic ones this year but I can't wait for Marissa Meyer's Cress, which comes out next year!

    Jade @ Ink Scratchers

    Check out my giveaway (I'm giving away Cinder and Scarlet)

  2. Hi Jade! I'm going to add your giveaway to the linky, so everyone can find it! =)

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my post here, Misty! I remember I had so much fun writing it :D


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