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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fairy Tale Fortnight III Participation Linky!

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where you can access the schedule! Or go here to get involved!

So. Maybe you've followed along during Fairy Tale Fortnight in years past. Or maybe you see all the cool stuff going on this time 'round. Either way, you're thinking, 'Golly, that looks like fun - how do I get in on that?'*

Well, you've come to the right place!! I started Fairy Tale Fortnight not just because I needed an outlet for my slight obsession (true), but because I wanted others to join me in that obsession! I love seeing what everyone is reading and loving (or hating), what cool fairy tale-esque things everyone has come across, which fairy tale movies and shows I should be watching - basically, the more fairy tale stuffs ending up in my feed, the better!

So if you want to get in on the Fairy Tale Fortnight action, feel free to link up awesome bits below! Reviews, discussions, lists of the best tales/villains/ridiculous endings - there's no limit to how much you can share, and everything fairy tale-related is welcome! [Though if you post something unsuitable to children or workplaces, and that's not clear by the title, please label it NSFW!] 

Don't be shy - get posting and enjoy the Fortnight!

*Because in my mind, you are, and always will be, Beaver Cleaver and omg did anyone else just realize how vaguely dirty that name is?


  1. I am Very interested in seeing what GODMOTHER is all about!

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