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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cover Crop Game - Fairy Tale Edition

I've already told you so many times how much I love a good time-waster, so if I haven't drawn you in with my lookbooks or my cover creations, maybe I'll draw you in with this frustratingly fun game:

I love a good cover crop game, but they also make me want to ragequit. You always know you know it, you know? ;)
Anywho, the game is pretty straight-forward: below are itty bitty crops from 25 fairy tale retellings. All of these books (except one) have been featured on The Book Rat at some point either this year or in  fairy tale events past (and that one remaining book will be). Your job is to tell me the name of the book and the author.

What's in it for you, you say? Well, beyond the chance to gloat that you know allllllllll the books, the person who gets the most right is going to get a mystery prize from me, and all attendant bragging rights. If more than one person gets the same highest total, a winner will be randomly selected from those entries.

To play along, just take a look at the images below and then fill out the form with your answers. Feel free to dig through my FTF backlog, or whatever, but don't be lame and ask someone to give you the answers! And DO NOT leave your answers in the comments, or anywhere else public, because that would defeat the purpose. When you're ready to answer, fill out the form below.

This IS international, and NO, I don't know what the winner will get - my "mystery" prizes are always a mystery, even to me. Whatever fairy tale book I'm feeling most at the moment will find its way into the winners hands. Maybe more than one, who the hell knows?

As with all of the giveaways for Fairy Tale Fortnight, make sure you've already filled out our Giveaway Registration Form - this only needs to be done once!
Please do not leave any sensitive info or email addresses in the comments!! If you leave your info or answers in the comments, I will delete it and disqualify you. And I will feel a giddy, Mr Burns-y pleasure in doing so. 

Have fun, and don't hate me too much - some of these are HARD, y'all!
CLICK for zoomability!

Click here to go back to the Fairy Tale Fortnight Main Page,
where you can access the schedule! Or go here to get involved!
Credit to these awesome Deviants for our button [ 12 & 3]!


  1. Oh fun, it's going to take me awhile. At a glance I recognize at best about a third of the covers. :)

  2. There is one cover I just couldn't find. Frustrating! Haha, but it was a lot of fun. I already recognized a lot of covers, since this is one of my favorite genres :D

  3. Decided to just have fun with this and do what I could completely from memory and not check or double-check anything. Didn't get them all, but impressed myself with how much I did get right away!

  4. 2 that I couldn't get! That was so much fun. :)

  5. I'm 99% sure I got them all right! It was fun figuring them all out. Thanks for coming up with something like this!

    p.s. I think I submitted the form twice on accident, one only halfway filled. You can just delete that entry (:

  6. Is it bad that I spent 5 1/2 HOURS making sure that I figured them all out? Good thing it was Sunday.

  7. This was so much fun. I had to look really hard to find some of these, but I'm pretty sure I got them all. Thanks Misty

  8. That was a lot of fun! A bit tricky but I think I figured them all out. :)

  9. I'd imagine you would, Kristen! ;)

  10. Most of them I can see the whole cover, but the the title just escapes me.

  11. Well it took a long time, but I think I got them all! Between Amazon, Goodreads and this site, I think I got them all! My Cat Juliet sat next to me the whole time what a trooper!

  12. This was a lot of fun and it took me a while to find all of them.

  13. Wow thanks for this fun game :D It took me almost 2 hours but I think I got them all lol.

  14. Well, I just spend 3 hours trying to figure them all out, and then my POS internet connection flopped and reloaded this page, blanking out every answer I had put in.
    On the plus side, I have now added a ton of books to my TBR list. Thanks! :)

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