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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Interview & Giveaway with Rachel Morgan, author of The Faerie Guardian!

Tomorrow, I'm going to feature an excerpt of Rachel Morgan's The Faerie Guardian, but until then, Rachel has dropped by to chat with us - and she's offering up the chance for you to win a copy of her book!

As much as we may love any particular tale, each has its own "problematic" aspects (for me, I can't get over the fact that Prince Charming has to find Cinderella, the glorious love of his life, by matching up her feet. I mean, really?). Which problematic aspect of a tale really gets under your skin?
Well, as someone who likes to write (and read) strong female characters, it does kinda bother me that a lot of traditional fairy tales have the princess being rescued by the prince. Sure, it’s all romantic and everything, but sometimes you want a kick-ass princess, not prince!

Which fairy tale would you most like to spend 24 hours inside of, and which the least?
Least – Hansel and Gretel (that story always creeped me out!)
Most – does Shrek count? Because that world seems like a lot of fun!

If you could merge any two fairy tales (introduce the characters, combine the worlds, etc), which would they be and what would result?
The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. I think Ariel and the Beast might hit it off, since they both have “animal” sides. Then again, maybe it’s only Belle who can “tame” the Beast...

Someone gives you a key ring and says you can open any door you want, save one. Then they leave you alone with all those keys and doors. What do you do?
Well, I DON’T open the door they said I couldn’t open, because there must be a reason for that, right? Like a giant, terrifying, human-devouring wolf. I don’t want to get eaten.

You have a fairy godmother who is granting you one perfect day: what does that entail?
Hmm. Spending the day at the top of a mountain (WITHOUT having to hike to get up there) with my whole family, some amazing food, and a good book to read when everyone relaxes for the afternoon. Sound weird? Just trying to combine my favorite things!

Your favorite obscure (or less well-known) fairy tale?
Um ... I don’t think I KNOW any obscure fairy tales! Everything I can think of is something well-known and popular. Hmm. Is Peter and the Wolf slightly lesser-known?

Most overrated fairy tale?
The Princess and the Pea. Putting a pea under 20 mattresses to figure out if this is the girl to marry? It’s even weirder than Prince Charming finding the glorious love of his life by matching a shoe to her foot!

What made you fall in love with fairy tales--and decide to write one?
Probably all the Disney movies I watched when I was young. Especially Peter Pan (and Fantasia, although that isn’t exactly one fairy tale). All that fairy dust and flying around ... I always wished I could fly! And I believed in fairies and used to make little fairy gardens with flowers and miniature swings and stuff.
When it came time to write a book one day (and I always knew that time would come), it seemed a given that there would be magic in it. It makes things far more exciting!

This or That:
- Tower or Dungeon? Dungeon
- Evil Queen or Wicked Witch? Evil queen
- Castle or Cottage? Castle
- Prince or pauper? Hmm … tough to tell without knowing them. Pauper?
- Hans Christian Andersen or the Brothers Grimm? Hans Christian Andersen (the Brothers Grimm kinda scare me!)

Would You Rather:
- have a prince who makes out with your, um...corpse, essentially, or a prince who can only remember who you are by your shoe size? Hmm. The making-out-with-a-corpse guy.
- ride in a pumpkin carriage (sticky) or climb a hair-rope (tiring) to get where you're going? Pumpkin carriage (I have no upper body strength!)
- drink an Alice-ish "Drink Me" potion or eat part of a witch's gingerbread house? “Drink Me” potion (witches scare me more!).
- be cursed with blindness (Rapunzel) or knife-like pain when you walk (Little Mermaid)? Blindness (although neither of the two sound that appealing!).

Rachel has offered up 2 e-copies of The Faerie Guardian to 2 lucky winners!
This giveaway is international and ends April 10th, 2013.

As with all of the giveaways for Fairy Tale Fortnight, make sure you've already filled out our Giveaway Registration Form - this only needs to be done once!
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Rachel Morgan was born in South Africa and spent a large portion of her childhood living in a fantasy land of her own making. After completing a degree in genetics, she decided science wasn’t for her—after all, they didn’t approve of made-up facts. These days she spends much of her time immersed in fantasy land once more, writing fiction for young adults.

The Creepy Hollow Series

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  1. Awesome interview. I agree with Rachel that it's disappointing so many girls in fairy tales are rescued by the guys. It's refreshing to see all these new takes on fairy tales. Good luck with your book, Rachel.

  2. I guess I prefer updated or alternative versions of fairy-tales.

  3. I prefer the modern day remixes

  4. I like both, so long as I get a somewhat dark tale.

  5. Based on the excerpt posted today, this book looks interesting.

    I like both but I prefer non-tradition but not modern retellings. Give me something futuristic or historical but not medieval.

  6. I love the modern day re-mix fairy tales. I just started watching Once Upon A Time - wow, do they mix it up!

    Love the interview, ladies!

  7. I'd love to be in The Little Mermaid (Disney Version). Excellent interview, best of luck with your books Rachel.

  8. The problem with The Princess and the Pea is, how are they going to live happily ever after? She's going to be moaning and complaining about how lumpy the mattresses are.

  9. I also love strong female characters but I think they work best in modern or fantasy settings.

  10. Thank you to all the commenters :-)

  11. when you address the problem like that it kind of makes you wonder if there are/ were any princes around...

    great interview!

  12. The Mermaid and the Beast? How could you? Lol. Poor Belle.. What would she do without her Beast. But as you said. Only she can tame him :) And I think the Mermaid doesn't like the snow as much as Belle does. ;)

  13. Oh and I think I like both. There are good and bad original fairy tales and there are also good and bad retellings and modern fairy tales. Although I like it if they have a vintage touch!

  14. Wonderfully witty interview!
    I like fairy tales, whether classic or (medieval/fantasy/modern/ futuristic)retellings. As long as the story appeals to me, I will want to read it! :)


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