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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fairy Tale Fortnight Sharing Linky -- be part of FTF!

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Every year I have a lot of you who leave comments or send me emails saying you wished you'd realized you could guest post during Fairy Tale Fortnight, or that you've done something on your own blog, and you'd love to share it during the event.
And some of you are just insatiable, and want more fairy tales, after tearing through all Bonnie and I have to offer you.

Well, my friends, that's why the FTF linky exists! On the linky below, you can share your own fairy tale related posts during Fairy Tale Fortnight, or browse through them and discover some other fairy tale lovers out there, if you need more of a fix.

But don't feel like it has to stop at blog posts. Done a fairy tale related vlog? A cool fairy tale inspired OOTD or MOTD on instagram? Reblogged all the (fairy tale) things on Tumblr? Share it! We'd love to see how your passion for fairy tales spills over into your life via various corners of the internet, and we love to see you connect with each other!

Don't be shy - get posting and enjoy the Fortnight!

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