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Saturday, April 11, 2015

If Men Were Princesses, and if Princes & Princesses Were Real....

More Buzzfeed lulz today, with a series of videos I've been waiting to share with you for MONTHS now. First up, they ask what it would be like if Disney princesses were real, and the results are...interesting. It all hinges on the interpretation that all fairy tale princesses are useless damsels waiting for a man -- which is understandable, but also problematic itself -- but I do have to say, the results are hilarious and have moments of genius. (POCAHONTAS, THO.)

Don't worry, the princes don't fare much better...

"I'm going to 'build her a library,' if you know what I mean. And by that, I mean I'm actually going to build her a library."


BUT WAIT. What if the men were the Disney princesses?
Well then, you'd have one of the funniest, catchiest, silliest damn things I've ever had on repeat...

Now, just try and tell me you're not still singing this in your head...

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  1. Sooo good! I haven't watched "If men were princesses", it's hilarious! Thank you!

  2. OMG, these were AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

    (And yes, "I wanna be a Disney princess" is stuck in my head; thanks for that)

    ~ Liza @ Classy Cat Books


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